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Duke lacrosse accuser writes memoir

Posted August 21, 2008
Updated August 22, 2008

— The woman at the center of the scandal that rocked Duke University, Durham and the lives of the three lacrosse players she accused of raping her is coming out with a book.

"The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story" is scheduled for publication in early October, according to Vincent Clark, a representative for Fire! Products Inc., a film studio that is representing her.

Magnum will donate $1 from the purchase of each book to help battered women, Clark said.

Crystal Gail Mangum was a student enrolled at North Carolina Central University in March 2006 and also worked as an exotic dancer when she performed at a party hosted by several Duke lacrosse players.

It was at that party, Mangum alleged, that three white members of the team trapped her inside a bathroom and raped and sexually assaulted her. David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were later indicted on the allegations.

The players could not be reached for comment Friday, and their attorneys either had no comment or were unavailable Friday morning.

According to a news release Thursday, published reports portrayed Mangum as "a gold-digging hooker searching for a big payday or as an unstable, troubled young woman."

"The truth about Crystal's life, her account of what happened on March 13, 2006, accusations and the motives of the people criticizing her were never seriously explored," the release said."

A divorced mother of three, Mangum hasn't spoken publicly about the case, other than granting a single interview in the early days of the investigation.

Then-District Attorney Mike Nifong dismissed rape charges against Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann in December 2006 after Mangum said she was not certain she was raped.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the remaining charges of sexual assault and kidnapping in April 2007 and declared the former players innocent.

Evans graduated from Duke in 2006; after they were cleared, Seligmann transferred to Brown University and Finnerty to Loyola University.

The attorney general's office – which never pursued a case against Mangum, saying she likely believed the allegations – declined to comment Friday.

Clark said Mangum, who graduated last spring from NCCU, is still living in Raleigh and is looking into law or graduate school.


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  • destewart2 Aug 26, 2008

    iamforjustice there was NO evidence to support her story

  • rargos Aug 22, 2008

    If OJ can write a book, I guess she can too ...

  • iamforjustice Aug 22, 2008

    You all can believe what you may. But you all know in your heart of hearts that something was done to her by those boys. The truth will prevail one day. I still believe she was either threatened, or her child was threatened or may be she was paid off to shut up and drop the case. In either case an injustice has been done to this lovely lady.

  • Pirate77 Aug 22, 2008

    This woman is not a blessing to the human race. She is a disgrace to her children as well. I do not believe she should be able to receive any money from the book sales. She lied and in the process attempted to ruin 3 young men's lives.....how is that for a blessing. It is a very sad and unfortunate situation if this woman was abused in the past, however, that is no reason for her to try to destroy other people's lives. Get over it.....So many people try to use their past or what has happened in their life for anything that goes wrong--grow up. She is an adult and she should know better!

  • JofNC Aug 22, 2008

    OH this story is just too funny! Thanks for publishing it! I really needed the great laugh!!!

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Aug 22, 2008

    Only in America.........

  • JofNC Aug 22, 2008

    Come on! Is she for real?! I hope her books sells a lot so the players can sue her back into pole dancing!

    Then everyone who purchases a book, meet up at Duke and burn all of the books in a huge pile!

    We could make a scene just the Milli Vanilli and Sinead O'Connor headlines did!

  • teacher-mom Aug 22, 2008

    I am with justiceforall.

  • CraftyMo Aug 22, 2008

    I just hope that the wrongfully accused Lacrosse players can get the money she is supposed to receive for the book. This woman is no martyr, she is a dishonest person. She is capitalizing on the case that provde she was a liar and opportunist. What kind of message is that sending to youth everywhere? That yes, it's okay to try and ruin 3 innocent peoples lives so you can make money and maybe even a book contract. It is ludicrous to allow this to go to print. As they say (and by the amount of comments here it may prove true)whether good or bad publicity - it still sells.
    What a disappointment!

  • justiceforall Aug 22, 2008

    I will boycott any bookstore that carries this trash!