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Caregiver accused of stealing from Raleigh family

Posted August 14, 2008

— A caregiver for a member of a Raleigh family with deep political and civic connections to the capital city was charged Thursday with stealing more than $70,000.

According to arrest warrants, Shannon Adrienne Poole, 39, of 307 Heck St., allegedly cashed numerous checks made out to Mary Ann Broughton, who is the 84-year-old daughter-in-law of former North Carolina governor and U.S. Sen. Joseph Melville Broughton.

Poole also purchased a $600 laptop from Costco with the victim's American Express card, the warrants stated.

The family had no comment Thursday about the case.

The charges, three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, are in addition to 12 counts of forgery and one count of larceny filed against Poole on July 30.

She was in the Wake County Jail on Thursday morning under a $75,000 bond.

Raleigh police say crimes like this happen all too often and that perpetrators often gain the trust and confidence of their victims.

"This isn't the first time it's happened, and unfortunately, it's not the last," police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Sughrue recommends doing background checks and checking references on potential caregivers and continuing to monitor them and to know what kind of access they have to personal information and finances.

Joseph Melville Broughton was North Carolina's governor from 1941 to 1945 and was a U.S. senator from 1948 until his death in 1949. Needham B. Broughton High School in Raleigh is named for his uncle.


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  • mramorak Aug 15, 2008

    now i understand!

  • OpenM1nd Aug 14, 2008

    My grandparents were robbed like this. I hope the family gets the restitution that my family never got.

    But on the other hand, what kind of computer is only worth $600 brand new, particularly with someone else's money? Wouldn't a real thief have bought a much more expensive computer if she thought she'd never have to repay? I can't help but sense a little frugality here, which seems out of place. It will be interesting to hear her side of the story at some point.

  • whatelseisnew Aug 14, 2008

    She is a product of the liberal policies that have been failing for almost 60 years. Government should never take money from one citizen and hand it to another. They do it and they do it at the point of a gun. That is no different then the thug that walks into a bank or store and robs it at gunpoint. That has never been and never should have become the role of government. These entitlement programs have produced a class of people that are sort of willing to subsist on the handouts. Some will subsist, others will try to get more by committing crimes. The next level is selling drugs and killing each other. This is what the welfare system breeds. So every time you see a drive by shooting or a thug holding up a store, pat yourself on the back for supporting that type of behavior. Perhaps you can hang medallions on your cars for each life you help end by supporting the welfare state.

  • GWALLY Aug 14, 2008

    posted....asbrown..."Certainly I agree that the welfare system needs to be constantly reformed, but to say that the government should give nothing to its impoverished is really ignorant."

    asbrown...I really do not think that anyone here has a problem with our government taking some of our tax money and setting it aside to provide assistance to anyone. It's the fraud that is rampant in the system from public housing to health care to foodstamps that is unchecked and unpunished that most folks have a problem with!!!! Assistance is temporary NOT perminent!!!

  • teacher-mom Aug 14, 2008

    There are a lot of women in prison for this type of crime. I feel sorry for the victim.

  • downtownbrown Aug 14, 2008

    "I know I'll get a lot of backlash on this comment, but this is exactly the mentality that the Democratic party has managed to instill."

    Here's your backlash. Every developed country has a welfare system. We're the only one whose citizens have a real problem with it, yet we have some of the highest income inequality in the developed world. Go figure. People here worship the free market, like it solves all of our problems, and cringe at the thought of the government actually helping out its citizens monetarily. Certainly I agree that the welfare system needs to be constantly reformed, but to say that the government should give nothing to its impoverished is really ignorant. It still takes nothing from the fact that this caregiver stole a ton of money from an elderly woman. She's just a cruel individual, not a product of liberalism.

  • districtcadvocate Aug 14, 2008

    There are several very old Raleigh families affected by this matter. The old are very vunerable and need to be protected at any cost.

    I pray that those that I know who are affected by this draw down on their faith to see them through this and provide the divine help that is needed to re-focus one's life when it has gone astray.

    That could be any of our mother's or daughter's.

  • mrtwinturbo Aug 14, 2008

    And a history lesson too..........................

  • Tidbit Aug 14, 2008

    Whats worse? Here is an 84 year old woman on a fixed income. She'll never see that money again.

  • Tidbit Aug 14, 2008

    LOL and now I see Steve beat me to it. I'm SO glad I'm not the only person who sees that for what it is - income distribution mentality.

    I bet when they arrested her, the first thing out of her mouth (beside I didn't do it) was, "it isn't like she doesn't have it to spare. She won't miss it."