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Schools, county scope out needs for growth

Posted August 13, 2008

Wake County Public School System

— Managing a growing student population is among the biggest challenges that Wake County schools face. On Wednesday, school and county leaders met to plan where to put the almost 25,000 new students expected to enter county schools in the next four years.

More students means more school buildings, which likely means a bond proposal. "That's the way we have funded school construction in the past," Chuck Delaney, district assistant superintendent for growth and planning said.

"I would expect that would be part of the discussion – what level of funding can we provide for school construction and (can we) afford to do it with bonds?"

Eleven new schools are scheduled to open in Wake County in the next two years. The county and school board are looking even further into the future to outline a plan for school construction and land purchases.


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  • bs101fly Aug 14, 2008

    oh don't take it personal, it should help you in your bid to accomplish what ever exactly you're out to accomplish!
    as far as the 09 Bond goes, it will look NOTHING like the 06 bond.
    It will be defeated soundly and then the thugs who get checks from Wake County education will follow the same fate!
    NO BOND support in 2009!
    It's time to education BACK and end outrageously expensive busing for the sake of diversity, F&R manipulation, unnecessarily converting schools to schedules that work for NO ONE and/or to gain seats that aren't and WERE NOT needed and the list goes on and on and on and on!
    VOTE NO for the next bond and tell them YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!

  • jcdecker71 Aug 14, 2008

    I was wondering how long it would take the anonymous poster to take the cowardly approach of calling me out by name and not only was it one but two anonymous posters. I won’t bother responding to people whose only goal is to goad people into arguments for the sake of arguments. I find it ironic that individuals reference the sky is falling when every piece of rhetoric they post is exactly that. Let me get back to the focus of this article. The 2006 bond was implemented right on cue with how it was proposed. Again, they should have had enough courage at the time to propose what it would take to plan for growth more than 3 years ahead and to get the 18% of students out of trailers and then to fight for that proposal.

  • bs101fly Aug 13, 2008

    Chris Decker,
    Glad to see your undying support and love of Chuck's gang continues, but the bottom line is VERY few people see it your way. You, Ann Goodnight and Ed Bonner will be about the ONLY ones voting for a bond this next go round. The lies, mis-management and MORE LIES are over!
    The sky is falling syndrome is OVER!
    And the Chris Decker's are few and far between!!

    NO BOND!

  • jcdecker71 Aug 13, 2008

    Not_So_Dumb - I've talked to parents with kids in those schools which desperately need renovations. Ask them what they think about your comment. In terms of putting up schools in those areas, where have all the new schools been built in the last 5 years. Again tell me where they didn't do what they said they would with the bond money and in fact in some schools actually saved money. In my opinion the only thing they did wrong was not being bold enough to tell us in 06 how much they really needed to keep up and get kids out of trailers.

  • Fun Aug 13, 2008


  • HopingForABetterWorld Aug 13, 2008

    jdecker is correct, and it doesn't take inside knowledge. Anyone that has truly listened to and read the news for the last two or three years knows that the lottery was NEVER advertised to solve "all the funding problems" and that the share each county gets would not cover much of a building. Love the conspiracy theories that people always have when they lack the background knowledge.

  • Not_So_Dumb Aug 13, 2008


    I don't have to tell you. You and I have spoken about it a number of times. They were told, they didn't listen. I was there, ready to tell them, they sent me away. It isn't a capacity crisis, it is a capacity management crisis. Last year we had over 900 seats in unused mobile capacity because of mismanagement.

    And my point is that renovations don't let us catch-up! Why funnel that money into renovations rather than putting up new schools in areas where mobiles are in use? Again, mismanagement of resources. I am not giving them anymore until they show they can handle what they have. The system is like a spoiled child.

  • jcdecker71 Aug 13, 2008

    Not_So_Dumb - Who told them about the slowed growth in no 'uncerain terms'. Could you supply the link for that. NO instead of explosive exponential growth it's just exponential. We still have 18$ in trailers and still have 5-6K coming in next year. Let's catch up while we can. Tell me money they wasted in the building program without going down the 'The schools aren't filled' argument.

    tweathe850 - I think it's much less then opponents of illegal immigrants profess.

  • Iseeu Aug 13, 2008

    Charter schools buy the school books that WC says have to be replaced after five years, keep them for at least eight years if they can use them so should WC. These books are between 60 and 80 dollars a book this is such a waste of tax dollars.

  • Iseeu Aug 13, 2008