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Troopers find pot at hit-and-run suspect's house

Posted August 13, 2008

— A highway patrol trooper searching for a hit-and-run suspect late Tuesday found drugs growing at the man’s Wake County house. Troopers arrested the man and his wife.

Authorities found 129 marijuana plants at 3405 Norman Blalock Road.

They went to the home to find David Brinson. Investigators say he was involved in two separate hit-and-run wrecks earlier in the day.

When troopers arrived, Brinson's wife, Melissa, allowed them in the home. That's when they found plants inside the house and in an out-building behind it.

They also found items used to grow marijuana, including greenhouse lights, climate-control heaters and thermometers.

Authorities charged David Brinson with maintaining a controlled substance and attempting to manufacture and sell it. They charged Melissa Brinson her with possession of marijuana and attempting to manufacture and sell it. 

Two children were home at the time of the arrests, officials said.

The Brinsons were released on bond. They were scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office assisted the highway patrol in the case.


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  • rBRINSON Aug 15, 2008

    Well, it would have been nice to know about this site 2 days ago, but it's also nice to know that I might have the last word. As you can see by the user name. I am part of the Brinson family. I'm actually David & Melissa's sister-in-law and have absolutely NO SHAME in saying so.
    What I am ashamed of is seeing complete strangers judge and comment on these people(whether they were my family or not)with no real knowlegde of the situation. Not to mention, we must not always believe what we read or are told. Even the media doesn't get the whole story.
    It IS as simple as these are GOOD people who made a mistake, and the prior happens all the time, to many people.
    Honestly, you all need to just mind you own business and keep your opinions to yourself. Because judging someone off of ONE action (no matter the action in itself) is one of the things wrong with society today. What happen to understanding, forgiveness, and godforbid a little compassion.

  • familyfour Aug 13, 2008

    oh yeah....no guns, no cash, nothing violent recovered.....
    can't say that when you read a "coke" or "meth" bust....clearly much more dangerous criminals.....

  • familyfour Aug 13, 2008

    "Smokers" "Drinkers" "Pill Poppers"....I'd take my ride with the doper anyday.....Half the folks I know that are "haters" take more pills than my 80 y/o Grandma with diabetes and a heart condition.

    Pot is a huge cash crop that should be utilized. You are never going to stop ALL of the illegal manufacturing. Does anyone out there think that just because alcohol is regulated that you can't still get some home made "shine"?

    Take another Xanax and think on it~

    And I seriously doubt that "pot" is this guy's only problem...

  • pddpirate97 Aug 13, 2008

    suthernkell2- My intentions were to state something more along the lines of seriously injured. Sorry if I wasn't more concise. Also, I was referring mainly to any serious physical harm and excluding damage to property. Hope your friends do well with all that happened, given the circumstances. I'm a father of two young children so I understand the seriousness of something like that.

  • suthernkell2 Aug 13, 2008

    I know this man and his wife. I don't condone what happened. I don't agree with what he's done. And based on what I was told this morning, he understands the gravity of his mistakes. And I'll be the first to admit, that all this was pretty stupid. Luckily, no one was hurt in all this.

    No one was hurt in all this??? I beg to differ. I know both people that were the victims of this man's udder stupidity. He first rear-ended a lady and her young son and the second person's car was totalled. Today is no day at the beach for any of them. I guess the "luck" is that no one was killed. It was the middle of 5:00 traffic and he was driving a company van. He hit both these cars within a 10 minute time span on his way home. Must have been high on his own supply. Unbelieveable, irresponsible and just plain STUPID

  • bystander Aug 13, 2008

    Why is growing marijuana at one's home illegal? I think this case should re-ignite the debate on whether we should legalize the weed. Maybe we need to establish a quota - if you have more than so many plants/pounds in your home you pay a fine and you lose the excess.

    I'm sick of reading news about drug dealers secretly growing the weed in public properties. If it was legal, guess what, they will go out of business. Yes, some weak minds will have easy access to an addiction - but on the whole it will be good for the society.

  • sillyone. Aug 13, 2008

    these things come in 3's

  • pddpirate97 Aug 13, 2008

    Also, I'm not aware of any posts that state anything about being "wonderful" or "remorseful". I just stated some FACTS.

  • pddpirate97 Aug 13, 2008

    So if you were to hit a vehicle, continue driving, park your car in your yard, the police have the right to search your home? You need to check your Constitution. Unless your kind of logic also dictates that the house hit the car too!!

  • jenniferannburke Aug 13, 2008

    I'd say probable cause was likely police spotting the damaged car matching the description of the hit and run vehicle. If that is the case, the police have every right to enter the home no matter how "wonderful" and "remorseful" these people are.