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Holly Springs cop accused of making phony money

Posted August 12, 2008

— A Holly Springs police officer was arrested Monday night and charged with forging cash, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said Tuesday.

Bruce Renard Green was charged with uttering a forged instrument, forgery of notes, checks and other securities, and felony obtaining property by false pretenses.

Green, 29, of 805 Nightshade Way in Raleigh, resigned Tuesday from his position with the Holly Spring police, a town spokesman said. He had been with the force for more than two years and had been assigned as a resource officer for elementary and middle schools.

“Obviously it is the last thing you want to hear. (I'm) very disappointed,” Holly Springs Police Chief John Herring said.

According to court documents, Green used $300 worth of counterfeit $20 bills to pay for escort services. The alleged escort services took place at the Econo Lodge, 2641 Appliance Court in Raleigh.

"We don't have any reason to believe that anything of this nature occurred while he was on duty or within the town of Holly Springs,” Herring said.

The U.S. Secret Service worked with Raleigh police in the investigation, which began after an individual attempted to use a counterfeit bill on Aug. 5. City detectives and federal agents then tracked the bill back to Green.

"We will continue to work with federal authorities," Sughrue said. "If federal charges appear to be more appropriate, they could supplant the state charges."

The person who tried to use the counterfeit bill has not been identified or arrested.

A man claiming to be Green's pastor answered the door at his house Tuesday evening. He said there would be no comment on the charges.

Herring said Green was an excellent officer and well-liked. He said the allegations should not be a reflection of the department or its officers.

"This is one person. It was one former member. The information that I have is that this is an isolated incident. It doesn't involve anyone else (or) any other members of this department,” he said.

Green was arraigned Tuesday and released from jail on a $10,000 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 3.


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  • lowmanonpole Aug 13, 2008

    Seriously for those of you who think that police departments are just full of corrupt cops I feel bad for you. If you are that paranoid you need to get some medication. Show me your statistics to prove your statement. Tell me what it is you do and I will show you just as many corrupt workers in your industry. I am willing to bet that you broke what you thought was a small minuscule law and got caught because your not as smart as you thought. Then you tried to out wit the officer, but what you didn't realize is that officer also went to college and has a degree or even a masters degree, and you lost the battle of wits; this probably made you furious because some knuckle dragging police officer out witted you and gave you a citation. Suck it up! I am by no way condoning what this officer has done and I believe he should be have the gambit run on him because he is an officer of the law and is held at a higher standard. Crooked officers should receive the maximum sentence allowed.

  • nofear Aug 13, 2008

    A bad cop got caught. Another tarnished badge.

  • Tripwire Aug 13, 2008

    Corrupt cops sure...but I think relatively few. No profession is immune. Lets see how many corrupt politicians, corrupt CEOs, corrupt preachers, News reporters, teachers, doctors, lawyers,(that's a given) building contractors, on and on. As long as jobs are performed by human beings there will always be people who abuse their positions for personal gain. Can you weed them out? You can try but NOBODY can tell ahead of time if someone will commit a crime in the future.
    Now something good from all this ...your confidence in law enforcement should be bolstered, after all who caught him? Yes other non-corrupt law enforcement officers who work diligently to bring justice. The case didn't disappear, get dropped or get swept under the rug when it looked as if an officer might be involved. So take heart from that and be proud of the men and women or serve and protect

  • workingforthosethatwont Aug 13, 2008

    It's a shame when all police officers are judged by the mistakes made by one.
    There's a bad apple in every basket, so let's give the deputies, officers and patrolmen that are doing a good job the pay and respect they deserve.
    You don't curse your preacher because another one did something wrong do you?

  • franksilbermann Aug 13, 2008

    If he paid for escort services with counterfeit money, perhaps a rape charge is also in order.

  • BULLDOZER Aug 13, 2008

    To the teachers and cops who don't feel they are paid enough, first of all thanks for doing a job that not most people would consider. Second, if it stinks that bad, then do something else. There are tons of folks who make less and feel appreciated and have self worth. Please stop whining about how dangerous your job is. When I was in the military, I made a fraction of what teachers and cops made and was in a much more hostile environment everyday than most cops will see in a lifetime.....as are thousands of our men and women every day. Why do they do it then? Because they have a passion to serve. Thanks cops and teachers.

    As for the dirty cops out there and the one who bend the rules for their own benefit. There are a lot more out there then people think. I guess that comes with unrestricted, unsupervised powered.

  • bs101fly Aug 12, 2008

    what does Stognar know, I know this, the guys he locked up will be thrilled to see him on the inside!


  • Panther Aug 12, 2008

    TransplantNYer Were you a spin doctor before you moved down here?

  • TransplantNYer Aug 12, 2008

    Now there's an officer who's taking his job to the next level! lol, for those of you who haven't figured this out, this man was actually helping to curb prostitution. You see, by keeping a private "escort" busy himself, he's keeping the "escort" from polluting the general population. Hence, he's protecting those he serves. On top of this, by paying his "escort" with fake money, she's in theory not making cash at her current job... this might actually lead his "escort" to have to go out and get a legit job. This leaves less "escorts" on the street. So, while many people are insulting this officer, we need to be commending him on thinking outside of the box. (ps... for those of not wise enough to realize, I am being tongue-in-cheek. Although, I can't wait to send this to my to my brother-in-law, who's LAPD, hehe.)

  • yesimagirl Aug 12, 2008

    "WTVD 11 Larry Stogner states that he worked at the Apex Police Dept., does anyone know for sure if it was Holly Springs or Apex ??????"

    Nope. Officer Green - DEFINITELY Holly Springs. Resource officer at Holly Ridge Elementary.