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Hostage situation at lingerie store ends peacefully

Posted August 4, 2008

— Fayetteville police are investigating a hostage situation that occurred Monday afternoon inside a local lingerie store.

The situation ended peacefully after a little more than an hour, and no one was injured, although circumstances about the case were still unclear.

Fayetteville police responded to a report of robbery in progress at Priscilla's at 3800 Sycamore Dairy Road at about 12:41 p.m.

Police Lt. David Sportsman said a man, whose name was not immediately available, walked into the business with what appeared to be a bomb, allowed two customers to leave and a female store manager hostage.

Sportsman did not give any information about a motive or why the alleged perpetrator targeted the store.

Investigators were talking with the store manager, perpetrator and were urging the customers to contact them regarding the situation.

Officers evacuated nearby businesses, and roads surrounding the store were blocked off for hours as members of the county's bomb squad swept the store as a precaution.

Authorities did not find an explosive device.

Sportsman said the man also demanded to speak to Lt. Charles Disponzio, the head of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office's homicide unit. Sportsman said investigators believe Disponzio is a mutual acquaintance of the man.

Disponzio did respond to the scene, but the man surrendered before he could talk to him.

Authorities urge anyone with information about the case to contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1856.


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  • KniftyKnitter Aug 4, 2008

    Priscilla's......*snort*......**giggle, giggle**

  • vipclean Aug 4, 2008

    This is a lot better than the Helm's disharmony story.

  • celong Aug 4, 2008

    Will someone forward this story to Jay Leno please..

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Aug 4, 2008

    So many rude comments ... so little time

    I'm glad it ended peacefully.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 4, 2008

    lizard, good one, I won't waste my time. You win!

  • teck Aug 4, 2008

    No problems, he was just angry that he missed the weekend to buy some body crayons tax free.

  • lizard Aug 4, 2008

    There once was a man from Monteray
    Who went to a store full of lingerie.
    He said "I'll pop!"
    "If you don't let me shop"
    But the SWAT instead, carted him away.

  • davido Aug 4, 2008

    What?! No jokes about anyone getting tied up?

  • lizard Aug 4, 2008

    Annamarie - LOL, can't believe you got the stroking comment through.

  • AMHall82 Aug 4, 2008

    This whole mess was really a pain in the you-know-what! I work off Sycamore Dairy Road & was out to lunch when my boss called & said for me to take my time coming back to work because the road was closed down! Finally, we got word that you could get to our office through the subdivision - which is a labyrinth of twists & turns that I've never actually driven myself! I did get to see all the SWAT team go stroking across the parking lot in their cute little get-ups though... HOT!! :) Made me think about my hubby in all his gear! LOL. But, I am glad that no one ended up getting hurt!