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Attorneys' Web page seeks to help find Nancy Cooper's killer

Posted August 1, 2008
Updated August 7, 2008

— Attorneys for a slain Cary woman's husband say they have set up a Web page to help police find out who killed her.

"We are reaching out in this way in an attempt to bring 21st century communication techniques to bear and to help motivate any possible witnesses to speak up now," Brad Cooper's attorneys, Howard Kurtz and Seth Blum, said in a statement Friday afternoon.

Nancy Cooper, 34, was found dead July 14 in an undeveloped subdivision just outside Cary's town limits. Brad Cooper told police his wife went jogging in the Lochmere area of Cary around 7 a.m. July 12 but never returned home.

A friend reported Nancy Cooper missing later that afternoon after she failed to show up to help paint her dining room.

Authorities have not named a suspect or person of interest but have said the crime was not random.

The Web page provides a description of what she was wearing when Brad Cooper said she left for the jog and "implores" the public to call or send an e-mail to attorneys with any information they might know about the case. It also gives the number for the Cary Police Department for people to call, if they prefer.

"We know that coming forward can be intimidating," the Web page says. "However, the help of the community is our best tool to ensure that justice is served. We appeal to your sense of civic responsibility."

Cary police authorities have released little information about the case, including a cause of death.

Three search warrants – one for the Coopers' home and vehicles, another for Brad Cooper's office at his employer Cisco Systems and a third for an unspecified search location – have been sealed until at least mid-August.

In court documents filed last week, family and friends have suggested that Nancy Cooper never went jogging and that something might have happened to her.

Kurtz and Blum have said Brad Cooper has told police he did not kill his wife and on the Web page, say he that "he has cooperated extensively with law enforcement in an attempt to find the killer or killers."

Cary police would not comment on the Web page or the status of the investigation. No one in the Wake County District Attorney's Office could be reached for comment.

Alice Stubbs, a Raleigh attorney representing Nancy Cooper's family, however, told WRAL News that they would respectfully ask that anyone with information about the case to call Cary police, not Brad Cooper's attorneys.

She said the police department is the most appropriate contact for any information relating to a homicide investigation.


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  • MOM AND LOVIN IT Aug 1, 2008

    I know I've said it before...only because I know...BC's lawyer is a lizard lawyer...Like what I say or not. We have all seen the type. Let's wait and see what happens.

  • FE Aug 1, 2008

    kbo0801 - I agree completely on likely husband involvement in the Cooper and Young cases. May be a stretch for the Nielsen case, however.

    What concerns me is that with each passing day the trails to the killers grows colder. The Young case is quite perplexing as long as it has gone on without an indictment.

  • kbo0801 Aug 1, 2008

    I'm sorry but this is just something to take the heat off of Brad. Everyone already knows to report clues to the police.

    I believe that in the cases of Jenna Neilson, Michelle Young and now Nancy Cooper that their husband's regardless of how cooperative or sincere they may look have something to do with their murder's or know who did because they have something to do with it. Just my opinion!

  • owlady Aug 1, 2008

    What is BC doing with all his free time now that he is free of the kids and is on Paid leave from work? I think he set up a scenario to make it look like he wanted custody of the girls.
    Then he realized that he did not want to care for them 24/7 with no help from their Mom, and therefore they go to Canada with the grandparents which they wanted all along. Is he paying any child support to the grandparents? Some think he wanted custody, but I do not, especially if you believe the friends and neighbors written statements. BC can say anything he wants now to trash Nancy, and make himself look like the perfect husband and father. She is not here to defend herself any longer. Justice for Nancy.

  • DrJ Aug 1, 2008

    Please. It's not like this case hasn't gotten enough media attention. The public knows to report any clues they have. No honest person would make the claim that a website would help get the word out.

    It's a ploy, plain and simple.

  • OpenM1nd Aug 1, 2008

    Didn't O.J. Simpson try something like this? Deja vu.

  • DonnaB Aug 1, 2008

    Well, now we have a summary of the information that Brad has given the police.

    The web page is definitely borrowing a lousy idea from Scott Peterson's attorney Mark Geragos. I have to say, though, that Brad appears to be at least a hundred IQ points smarter than Scott Peterson.

    Then again, I think a flea has a higher IQ than Scott Peterson.

  • didyouhearme Aug 1, 2008

    Umm. I think they need to look across the desk and ask him for the truth.

  • thescarletpimpernel Aug 1, 2008

    +++they are not at risk from the spouse, but that stranger who could be roaming around Cary.

    Interesting the website goes up after the search of Cisco and the other undisclosed place. I understand CPD was passing out more flyers last weekend.

  • lavonnet Aug 1, 2008

    I'll be surprised if BC turns up not guilty! And Anastasia, you are so right about "innocent until proven guilty"!