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Tax-free weekend is another 'Black Friday' for shoppers

Posted July 30, 2008
Updated October 18, 2011

— Charline Vick and her family planned to head to the beach this weekend.

However, their plans quickly changed when they learned that stores will offer certain items at reduced prices this weekend as part of the seventh annual tax-free shopping holiday.

“Especially with gas prices and grocery prices, it adds up (and) this will help,” Vick said.

The sales tax holiday weekend begins Friday. Items exempt from sales tax this weekend include clothing, sports equipment and some school supplies.

Other items include life-jackets, ballet shoes and diapers for babies and adults. Roller skates and helmets under $50 are also on the list.

Some retailers, like Belk at Crabtree, are trying to sweeten the deal by heaping on extra sales.

“We have nicknamed it ‘Black Friday’ for the back to school for the summer season,” said Travis Groome, with Belk.

Black Friday is a good term in retailing, referring to the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers look for shoppers to move them into the black for the year.

The National Retail Federation estimates the average American will spend $594 on back-to-school shopping. More than $230 will be spent on clothing, $151 on electronics and $110 on shoes. The average person will spend less than $100 on actual school supplies.

The state will offer another tax break to consumers during the first weekend in November. Purchases of efficient Engery Star appliances – including refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners – will be exempt from sales tax during that time.


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  • ChelsWCU1224 Jul 31, 2008

    I feel like people use this comment wall to let out their aggression on others...yikes people!

  • meteo Jul 31, 2008

    Maybe so, but if you are going to buy it anyway, buying it for less is better than buying it for more.

    Also, smcallah, how is it going into the red if you have the money? I may be spending the money, but I'm not going into the red.

  • HISBIGGESTFAN Jul 31, 2008

    stores like jcpenny and belks already have killer sales on children's clothing. so without tax you will be saving alot anyway so why not take advantage of no sales tax.

  • owlady Jul 31, 2008

    I agree with smcallah's post. My Dad always said, "A sale price or not, you are still spending money."
    Ha, how true!

  • Think_About_This Jul 30, 2008

    Unless I have a big purchase to make this weekend, dealing with the crowds just isn't worth it.

  • Dixiehazel Jul 30, 2008

    I wish it wasn't the first weekend in the month when I like others will be broke!!

  • hkypky Jul 30, 2008

    Well that was a little faster than I thought .... it only took 10 posts for someone (iron fist) to play the "MOVE" card in response to a lowly MYR post.

  • smcallah Jul 30, 2008

    Actually, it's a RED Friday for the shoppers.

    Black Friday is what it is for the retailers, since they go into the "black," turning a profit for the day.

    Shoppers are spending their money, going into the red.

  • jmegirl Jul 30, 2008

    WOOHOO I guess I'll buy my textbooks this weekend and save $15-20. It's not much, but savings is savings. =)

  • KB2IYS Jul 30, 2008

    One one hand, I'm glad to be saving about $87.00 on a laptop and such because of no sales tax.

    On the other hand I've always wondered why there is a sales tax on necessities such as clothing, food (unprepared), reading material, etc. I'd be for a total sales tax ban on "essentials".

    Nah forget it. We'd be aruing until we were worm food as to what constitutes essential items!