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Wilson County deputies ID woman's body

Posted July 30, 2008

— Wilson County deputies have identified the body of a woman found dead Tuesday night as Roberta Ann Fulghum, 45. They are calling her death a homicide.

A fingerprint comparison helped identify her body, authorities said. Fulghum also went by her middle name, Ann, authorities said.

A person walking near Green Pond Road, between U.S. Highway 264 and Countryside Road, spotted Fulghum's body over in a wooded ravine, authorities said. Deputies arrived on the scene just after 10 p.m.

She had been dead “for a period of time,” said Maj. John Farmer, with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

“Currently, we have all available detectives working the case,” Farmer said.

Police searched the wooded ravine Wednesday.

The body was so decomposed it was hard to determine the cause of death at this time, Wilson County Sheriff Wayne Gay said.

Investigators said they believe Fulghum's lifestyle had something to do with her death. Fulghum had a criminal history involving a simple assault charge, writing bad checks and forgery.

At one time Fulghum was a registered nurse.

“I understand years ago she lost her job because of possible substance abuse and went downhill from there,” Gay said.

Friends told investigators Fulghum went to Florida to restart her life and later returned to Wilson, where she worked various jobs.

Fulghum last worked at Mama Mia’s Pizzeria and Restaurant on 1700 Raleigh Road. She left her job as waitress about six months ago, restaurant’s management said.

Fulghum lived at the Village Motor Lodge off Highway 301 for several months, police said. Gay said the general area is known for drug activity. She was last seen leaving her home Sunday night.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area during the past five days should call the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 252-237-2118.


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  • all heart Aug 1, 2008

    I am sure she helped save a lot of lives when she was a nurse. It is just a shame noone could help save hers in the end.

  • diver Aug 1, 2008

    I live near Sims and this is just crazy. but it's like i told my wife, if you dont hang around shady people and shady places, your chances of ending up like this if very small. sounds like she brought alot of this on herself.

  • Phil in Wilson Jul 31, 2008

    DougWare.NET............What is the address of the free database you use? Thanks!

  • Eduardo1 Jul 30, 2008

    I do not know Ann, but based upon the many wonderful posting, let us pray that she is peace at g-ds feet.

  • teacher-mom Jul 30, 2008

    I know Ann would appreciate hearing all the kind things that people have said about her. It might have made a difference. You never know, yours might be the words that make a differnce in someone's life. You could hold someones's life in your hands. My favorite quote is "No act of kindness is ever wasted." If we all try to be a little kinder, it might make a difference. I am sitting here thinking about Ann and every other person who is troubled. I wish I could help them all. There but for the grace of God. That could be my son. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. I have stayed home with my sone since his father left almost 10 years ago. I have had no life. But you know what, I would not have had it any other way. If my son dies tomorrow, at least I was there. Please do not judge me unless you have walked in my shoes.
    People who have substance [roblems need to fill the empty places in them. They would not need drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or whatever helps them cope.
    Rest in Peace Ann.

  • ginlee00 Jul 30, 2008

    All of you who say you loved her, where were you when she needed love and acceptance but never got it according to you.

  • cpierce19742 Jul 30, 2008

    Ann Lindsey was a good hearted person that unfortunately took the wrong road. For those of you who are sitting here leaving comments on the way she looked and the lifestyle she lived is just wrong. Who are you to judge????
    My heart goes out to her family.

  • colliedave Jul 30, 2008

    Because of course people with addictions can't be chritians, nor can prostitutes.

    Did not say this at all; Christians can be trapped in a destructive lifestyle.

  • elyhim2 Jul 30, 2008

    "If she has "done time" in NC there is a good chance she came to one of studies. I always remind them of the dangers of the drug culture and they need to make the choice to leave that culture as there is a chance they will wind up like this woman. I am grieved that she was given a chance and blew it."

    Because of course people with addictions can't be chritians, nor can prostitutes. Do not deny the poor their drink the bible says right? So is a poor lifestyle and abusing our body more of a sin than pride? Why don't you let Christ judge her and save your knowledge of what and when is too late for yourself.

  • bluewind Jul 30, 2008

    This is terrible news for Ann-Lindsey's family. I also knew her years ago. This picture does not do her justice. I will always remember her as having the sweetest, most feminine face. She desperately wanted acceptance and love. Rest in peace...Prayers to your family...