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Raleigh settles overtime dispute with sanitation workers

Posted July 28, 2008

— Almost two years after dozens of city sanitation workers walked off the job to protest long hours and low pay, Raleigh on Monday settled the remaining claims for unpaid overtime.

City checks of between $50 and $325 were issued to about 50 workers under a proposal approved by the City Council last fall to settle a federal labor lawsuit.

"We didn't get all we justly deserved, but it was a step in the right direction," said Jerry Ledbetter, a spokesman for the workers.

In September 2006, more than 50 sanitation workers staged two work stoppages and picketed City Hall, saying they received neither overtime pay nor extra time off for the long hours they worked. Many also complained that they were listed as temporary workers for years, making them ineligible for city benefits.

Following the dispute, the Solid Waste Services Department switched to an electronic system to keep better track of overtime. The city also changed its temporary worker policies, making many sanitation workers full-time employees.

Also, the Solid Waste Services director resigned and another top manager was reassigned after the walkout.

Raleigh paid about $45,000 to about 200 sanitation workers in March 2007 to satisfy claims of back pay owed to them, but some workers said the city's record-keeping was off.


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  • caniacfan Jul 29, 2008

    I still say the City should go private with trash pick-up and none of this will be an issue. Let that company worry about pay, insurance, holidays, etc.

  • lilwil Jul 29, 2008

    Yet they can waste monies elsewhere by signing off for top officials to go to disney world and buy expensive items...apparently that's why the sanitation workers were not getting paid.

    One post claim these folk were uneducated...they were WORKING an honest job and expected to get paid, which I consider smart. They were not out stealing, but picking up our garbage, enduring the smell.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 28, 2008

    Let's see, a bunch of uneducated people doing manual labor. They should be making minimum wage and glad to have a job.

    The sanitation workers made this into a race issue to extort the city.

  • Fun Jul 28, 2008

    Lets take 1% of Wake County's School Budget and redirect it to the sanatation workers.....School get almost 80% of property taxes.

  • Gatsby Jul 28, 2008

    Plowman...The last time you got up close and personal with a garbage truck did you like the smell?

    These guys deserve a days pay for a days work...The time keeping should never be allowed to get questioned by being sloppy or having a faulty system. I am sure that has been worked out now but I am glad the were compensated for the time they worked.

  • dplowman Jul 28, 2008

    Did they pay them for time clocked in or for time working? HA HA