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Cops nab 'Interstate Bandits' linked to N.C. robberies

Posted July 25, 2008

— Two men dubbed the "Interstate Bandits" were arrested this week in two states, the FBI reported.

The pair are suspects in a dozen bank robberies in six states, five of the thefts in North Carolina, including the Triangle.

Edison, N.J., police arrested Malik Dillard on Monday after a robbery at a PNC Bank. His alleged partner, Zarqurous Lequis Sanders, was found in a hotel room in Lincoln, Ala., the next day.

All of the robberies, which began May 8, occurred near interstate highways, the FBI's state headquarters in Charlotte said. The North Carolina robberies took place in Garner, Cary, Concord, Huntersville and Raleigh.

Other robberies linked to the pair were in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland and New Jersey, the FBI said.

The FBI has identified additional suspects in the robberies and expects to make more arrests. Anyone with information about any of the robberies is asked to call the Charlotte office of the FBI at 704-377-9200.


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  • iamforjustice Jul 25, 2008

    If gas prices don't go down soon you are going to see a lot more robberies on the rise. Sad thing is...a lot of these criminals ride the bus.

  • iamforjustice Jul 25, 2008

    Are we sure these are the culprits? I hate passing judgement on suspicion. I am an honest person and I would hate for innocent people to go to jail. It could happen to us also. I will pray for these men.

  • starrider99 Jul 25, 2008

    Why can't the laws be such that these 2 will be put away for the rest of their lives, no chance of parole. Would that not be a deterrent for the next criminal(s) planning such a crime spree?

  • whatelseisnew Jul 25, 2008

    Ah you are just not understanding of their problem. They were trying to get to Canada. Now as you very well know gas is expensive, eating out, motel rooms, and of course as they headed North they hit those toll roads. Traveling is not cheap. Gee cut them some slack. It was just a few dollars. I bet they are really really really really sorry for the inconvenience. We should give them a couple week probation, some community service hours, and I feel quite sure they will never do anything like this again.

  • rlewis Jul 25, 2008

    Ah yes, the bank robbers who apparently didn't mind their faces being caught on camera.

    They should have just worn shirts with their names and addresses on them. It would have saved investigators a couple of days.

  • carolinakhaki Jul 25, 2008

    This is awesome news!

    I've never understood bank robberies anyway. Unless you get into the vault, you just can't get enough money to, in my mind, make it worthwhile. Of course, if I commit a crime I'm gonna run away to live on a deserted beach under an assumed name, so perhaps my idea of "enough money" is a little different from theirs.

    My favorite is still the two rocket scientists who robbed the First Citizens in Cary in a stolen car, then ran out of gas at the end of Cary Parkway. LOL!

  • The Fox Jul 25, 2008

    [They just racked up hefty federal interstate charges] Along with firearms charges tacked on- I hope.

  • durham_nc Jul 25, 2008

    Too bad it is now up to the tax payers to cover their lodging, food, health care, attorney fees, etc as they sit in jail.

    At least it is much better then having them loose on the streets.

  • Chili Jul 25, 2008

    The guy in the third pic looks nothing like the captured man or the wanted suspect. I wonder how many men they're actually looking for?

  • ncguy Jul 25, 2008

    What happened to all the money?
    I hope they spend the rest of there lives paying back the debt. I heard the chain gangs are paying a couple of bucks a day.