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Raleigh flier omits many recyclable items

Posted July 24, 2008
Updated July 25, 2008

— Local residents will have to recycle a flier on recycling, which provides incorrect information on the city's recycling program because of a mix-up.

The latest "At Your Service" flier the city regularly inserts into municipal water bills omits various items the city wants residents to recycle, including milk cartons, cereal boxes, aluminum foil and some cardboard.

"These are some of the items. We didn't put the complete list (out)," city spokeswoman Jayne Kirkpatrick said when reviewing the flier. "I thought that had been checked and cleared. It hadn't been, but this is ... incorrect. It's incomplete."

Linda Leighton, waste reduction specialist with the city's Solid Waste Services Department, said Raleigh doubled the amount of materials collected by its recycling trucks two years ago.

"Every year, we tried to improve our program," Leighton said.

The city spent $1,000 to print the incorrect fliers, which will be sent to 148,000 municipal water customers by the end of August, but Kirkpatrick said there are no plans to reprint them with the correct information.

"It's not a waste of tax dollars. We're educating you, we're telling you, we're giving you the information," she said. "If this can help people just to say, 'I really should be recycling,' then great. We're not going to reprint it."


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  • dmccall Jul 28, 2008

    ...and those omitted items are...???

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 25, 2008

    Only in Meekerville can you have a city government that is this incompetent.

  • rc4nc Jul 25, 2008

    Yeah, slow news day. Obama's tour ended. I wish WRAL would but in a "reccommend" button. There are some pretty good comments here. I'm curious who came up with the small recycle containers? Seems if they were serious about recyling they would have bigger containers. Perhaps the same size (I like the different color) as for garbage pickup. They don't manually pick up garbage, wouldn't the same system work for the recycling?

  • discowhale Jul 25, 2008

    What I don't understand about the county recycling plan is that they don't take the plastic bags from grocery stores. It's the same type plastic as milk jugs. I used to have trouble with them taking anything aluminum except drink cans too. Go figure.

    I gave up depending on the county to pick up anything. I just take all my stuff to the Sam's Club on South Saunders Street when I go that way.

  • jaredg Jul 25, 2008

    so WRAL...how about including in the story the correct list of recyclable items?

  • NCSUPackfan Jul 25, 2008

    Well hey, at least she didn't spend that $1000 on a trip to go whale watching! (Just trying to look at the positive things here- it's Friday!)

  • dplowman Jul 25, 2008

    Normal every day goverment stupidity.
    When will the American people understand that the lowest payed
    people are running the biggest goverment in the world.
    Do any of you think a CEO of a civilian company would work for 80-400 thousand a year? I don't think so.As forrest once put it

  • Timbo Jul 25, 2008

    In the real world, incompetent people are fired. Then, apparently, they get government jobs.

  • Adelinthe Jul 25, 2008

    "I think the whole Wake County Recycling program and all of its management need to be recycled! This sure seems like a lot of "I don't care" attitudes to me."


    The director says the flyer is right; how can it be right and incomplete at the same time?

    sheesh What a mess!

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Pineview Style Jul 25, 2008

    I threw a beer bottle in a friends recycling bin once and it broke. He bugged out because he said that the recycling people wouldn't empty it if there was broken glass. In my neighborhood they will take just about anything in the bin (including some bottles that may have been broken).

    I guess it depends on who's working the route.