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Driver resigns over bus stop incident

Posted July 24, 2008

— A Wake Forest bus driver, who left a second-grader at a bus stop instead of taking him to school, resigned Thursday.

Lisa McGlohon said she watched son Brady climb on his school bus at the intersection of Clarincarde Court and Penfold Lane on July 16 and then left to go about her day.

But Brady never made it to North Forest Pines Elementary School.

McGlohon said that, even though the bus Brady got on takes children to the school, the bus wasn't his assigned bus. Instead of taking Brady to school anyway, McGlohon said the driver dropped him back off on the corner – all by himself.

"He is 6 years old, and he shouldn't be left alone at any given time,” she said.

Brady was frightened and crying, but he was also smart. When he realized he was alone, he went door to door at neighbors' homes asking for help.

A neighbor got Brady safely to school.

The bus driver, Charlie Taylor, resigned Thursday, a Wake County school system spokesman said. The 51-year-old had been a driver for the district since 1993, the spokesman said.


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  • maxpower Jul 30, 2008

    firefamilyxfour===Good article. She was probably to busy on the cell phone.

  • squawk08 Jul 30, 2008

    Making the little amount that bus drivers make nowadays, you really can not expect them to care whether the kids are dropped off at the right place or not. I have seen many bus drivers speeding, jerking kids, slamming brakes and most of it gets reported, but the schools do nothing about it, until something like this happens, because there are not enough bus drivers to go around, due to the low pay, combine this with the fact that now most teacher assistants, cafeteria workers, and janitors are now asked to do double duty and drive buses.

  • mmania Jul 30, 2008

    Brady's mom seem to be a little overprotective if you ask me.
    This kid was OK, and probably learned a lesson (as should MOM).
    But to expect him to lose his job (which has happened) is ridiculous. She certainly got her 15 min. of fame. (undeserved as it was).

  • mojokitty Jul 30, 2008

    Don't the bus drivers have some way of communicating with the school?

  • Citizen7265 Jul 30, 2008

    I agree Red Head Girl. It concerns me that more than one bus is coming to the stop and going to the same school. It is possible the child lives between two stops and different buses pass each stop. He may be assigned to the bus at the other nearby stop. There may be a logical explanation, but the planning seems a little disorganized and very confusing for everyone. Maybe we should always have the route numbers posted in the door and front window of the bus. That way it eliminates the confusion when there is a substitute driver or a replacement bus. We pay taxes for this service and the bottom line is that once a child is on a bus, it is the driver's responsibility to see to their safety regardless of whether it is the correct bus or not.

  • RedheadGirl Jul 30, 2008

    I am still confused in this story why two buses from the same school stop at the same bus stop. I know everyone is saying that parents need to be observant and to a point I agree. But I would never imagine that multiple buses from the same school would stop at the same bus stop. Is that common?

  • Citizen7265 Jul 30, 2008

    Boomylar and GetItRight, Do you have 1st hand knowledge of this converstaion: "Charlie T. (driver) should certainly have made sure that Brady returned to the supervised care of an adult before pulling away. DO you think THIS could have happened?: ----- Driver: Time to get out son. Brady: That's not my school. Driver: What school do you go to? Brady: NFPES Driver: Uh-oh. I can't take you to NFPES. I have to p/u another route. I have to take you back home. Is your mommy home? Brady: Uh-huh.

    Driver: Where's you house? Brady: Right over there. Driver: You sure your mom is home? Brady: My mommy's always home. Driver: Ok. Go straight in & tell her what happened. Ok? Brady: Yes sir."

    Charlie T. would be showing a true lack of knowledge if he took the work of a 6 year old. They tell you what they think you want to hear. When responsible for children, we can NOT ASSUME they are responsible. The adults have to BE responsible.

  • GetRight Jul 30, 2008

    "The bus was going to the school the child needed to go to."

    That's what the mother was quoted as saying but I thought, from the original article, that the bus did not go to the same elementary school; it went to another school.

    I think it seems strange that the driver has not made a comment, been asked to comment, declined to comment, had a comment attributed to him by WCPSS or his attorney. All we have really heard is WRAL's info and the enraged mother's comments. Something just doesn't quite add up here to me.

  • boomylar Jul 30, 2008

    THANK YOU GETRIGHT!! people only hear what they want to. they don't know the full truth to some thing bc they're not willing to listen to it! I agree that this should have been part of the article..like i said in the other post this should not have happened the way it did, but i don't believe that he should lose his job...the kid got on the wrong bus..end of story, the mother is at fault too bc she didn't make sure what bus he was supposed to get on and she didn't make sure that he knew which bus was his bus. when i was in school and rode the bus...there were at least 10 buses going by my house every morning. i lived right on the boader of two counties, nash and edgecombe.. so there were buses that were going to two different counties and 6 different schools, you better be da.n right i knew which bus to get on

  • NCTeacher Jul 30, 2008

    I don't understand this either. The bus was going to the school the child needed to go to. Why not just let him stay on that bus and make sure the teacher/administrator knew to put him on the correct bus in the afternoon