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Burglars captured on home surveillance system

Posted July 22, 2008
Updated July 23, 2008

— Michael Crews doesn't know the people who broke into his home personally, but he knows what they look like because his home surveillance system captured the weekend break-in.

Crews, who took his daughter to summer camp and was away for the weekend, came home to find a mess in his living room and a shattered window in his son's bedroom.

"(Police) couldn't quite identify what they used to break the window, but it was obvious they used something very heavy because it broke the frame as well," he said.

The burglars stole a 42-inch, flat-screen television, a couple of flat-panel computer monitors, a Wii Nintendo system, a PlayStation console and an electric guitar. Crews estimated the loss at about $3,500.

"(I feel) just literally violated. They have taken everything I spent hard-earned hours working to get," he said.

One thing the two thieves didn't nab was $470 worth of cameras the size of lipstick tubes – and the video captured with the cameras might end up nabbing the pair.

The video shows the two robbers, who appear to be teens, arrived just after 4 a.m. Saturday and returned at about 5 a.m. One of them initially wore socks on his hands to avoid leaving fingerprints, but his hands were bare on the second trip.

Fayetteville police said the video could help lead to the arrests of the two burglars. It already has helped them collect more evidence in the case – they found fingerprints on a scanner.

"They were impressed that I actually had the system to begin with. They were in shock," Crews said. "I would almost guarantee that (the burglars) would probably get away with it (if not for the cameras). If they had any idea that they were there, they might not have done it."

The computer technician said he installed the home surveillance system for his children's protection since they are sometimes home by themselves.

A small sign on the home's windows warns would-be thieves of the surveillance system, but he said the pair who broke in over the weekend must not have noticed it. He plans to put bigger signs up to deter other thieves.

Crews said he has lived in the Glen Canyon Drive home for 14 years, and the weekend break-in was the first time he has been burglarized. He said he doesn't know if he was singled out.

“They obviously knew I was out of town,” he said.

Police hadn't made any arrests by Tuesday evening, and anyone who recognizes the burglars or has information about the break-in is asked to call the Fayetteville Police Department.


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  • SomeRandomGuy Jul 23, 2008

    I am just wondering why they didnt take the computer the surveillance footage was stored on?

  • scorekeep Jul 23, 2008

    "whatelseisnew - EXCELLENT POST!!!"

    I second that!

  • YeaOh Jul 23, 2008

    Kick those pot smokers out of jail and put the theives in em.

  • GetRight Jul 23, 2008

    whatelseisnew - EXXELENT POST!!!

    This is what I've been saying here for some time. When we get very tough on crime, on a perfectly consistent basis, then we will begin to see a certain decline. Until then, these guys will do what all children do... get away with whatever they can and not be concerned about the times they get caught because nothing substantial will happen.

    Prosecuting and punishing crime with "extreme prejudice" is what is necessary for the good of society.

  • wyoming Jul 23, 2008

    MMaker 52 I seriously hope you are being sarcastic when you question if ContinuityMan was sarcastic. His comments were right on.

  • whatelseisnew Jul 23, 2008


    What you post here is why these crimes are on the rise. The police are overwhelmed. They also know that these guys will get very little if any punishment (especially if this is the first time they have been caught). So what is happening is gradually the types of crimes that get ignored as not that big a deal gets ever worse. The system continues to raise the bar on which crimes they will seriously pursue and which crimes they will more or less just tolerate. This will continue to happen so long as our society gets ever softer on crime. These guys will continue to escalate their crimes and eventually they will kill someone. Much like the two vermin that killed Eve Carson. So I say let's make these crimes Capital offenses and start trimming the criminal herd. We need an express lane for carrying out the punishment after conviction. Once we get to a few dozen a day, some of these folks will decide it is not worth it.

  • Mmaker52 Jul 23, 2008

    ContinuityMan......I seriously hope you are being sarcastic!

  • Harrison Bergeron Jul 23, 2008


    A point of correction:

    While according to the DOJ, blacks are the most likely and the largest raw percentage of the incarcerated in combined federal, state, and local facilities, they don't comprise over 50% of the inmate population.

    (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/pim07.pdf table 13 pg 7)

    NIBRS data also reflects this in incident-based data.

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Jul 23, 2008

    Thanks for verifying that for me devil blue...

    I mean sometimes I feel like I'm in the twighlight zone here. Where in the world did kids today get this false sennse of obligation?? I know it starts at home but it seams as if even home is vetoed by society!!! I too am a single mother raising two girls and even my three year old knows she doesn't get the first things she ask for in a store. And the legal systme with their "don't touch your kids or you'll go to jail" mess doesn't help at all.!!!!!

  • devilblue Jul 23, 2008

    Ms. Turner, No, you are not old fashioned. I am 43 and started earning my own money at age 12 babysitting. I had my own spending money and saved to buy my first 10 speed bicylce only to have it stolen. Anything that you work hard for to get for yourself means so much more and to have someone take it from you angers you and violates you. I am a single mother and continue to work hard for what I do have and provide for my daughter and won't even accept help from family. It is called pride and is a value I am proud to have. I instill this in my daughter. Too bad there are still those that think society owes them.