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Judge seals search warrants in Cooper case

Posted July 21, 2008

— A Superior Court judge has sealed a search warrant relating to the murder investigation of a Cary woman, saying the release of the information could jeopardize the state's case or a defendant's right to a fair trial.

The order, dated July 16, requires the document, which police needed to search Nancy Cooper's home and vehicle and to get forensic evidence from her husband, Brad Cooper, be sealed for 30 days.

It could be released Aug. 16 if Cary police or the Wake County District Attorney's Office don't move to have it remain secret.

A man walking his dog found the body of Nancy Cooper, 34, a week ago just outside the Cary town limit in an undeveloped subdivision.

Brad Cooper told police his wife went jogging the morning of July 12 but never returned; a friend reported Nancy Cooper missing when she didn't show up to a planned meeting.

By law, affidavits to obtain a search warrant must contain a detailed explanation of probable cause, and they usually have specifics about what police believe happened to the victim.

Sealing search warrants allow authorities to investigate a case without disclosing information that would allow public speculation about the case.

Authorities have not named a suspect or a person of interest in the case, but have said they don't believe the slaying was random.

Brad Cooper has been cooperative with investigators, Cary police Chief Pat Bazemore said last week. On Friday, his attorney, Seth Blum, defended his client against "wild speculation" that Brad Cooper was involved.

"(Brad Cooper) has been very, very clear with police: He did not kill his wife," Blum said.

Police passed out fliers over the weekend, which is a standard investigative tool, and said Monday they have been following up on information they have received as a result.


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  • missparrothead Jul 22, 2008


    He was training for triathlons back in 2005- 2006 per his blog, as it lists the events he participated in.

  • Eduardo1 Jul 21, 2008

    houndie...are you sure that the family is telling the truth. You like so many others would scare the heck out of me, if you sat on my Jury. By the way, do you have some private info about the murder

  • carolinakhaki Jul 21, 2008

    LOL @ justwondering - I thought the same thing!

  • justwondering2 Jul 21, 2008

    What? No news 9am news conference today announcing this. I feel so cheated.

  • room Jul 21, 2008

    It just amazes me when I read the comments on this case. All of these Nancy Grace wannabees (and why anyone would want to be that is beyond me).
    I certainly hope none of you are on this mans jury. How you can listen to the news and form such opinions is beyond me. The news is feeding you this junk for ratings and you all become a bunch of sheeple. I guess for every educated person in the area there are three idiots. How else could you explain this?
    Way to many Jerry Springer fans running with this story.

  • DonnaB Jul 21, 2008

    Anastasia, I thought the police said in a news conference last week that there was no proof that Brad had bought bleach at 4 am, that the security videos of the nearest stores had been checked and he was not visible on the tapes.

    Anyone heard what's happening with the investigation of Brad's girlfriend? I know someone who posts here claims to work with her. Am I the only one who thinks that Brad's GIRLFRIEND could have killed Nancy?

  • sketch Jul 21, 2008

    im sure the nosey public can not wait until they are unsealed, people need new things to gossip on

  • colliedave Jul 21, 2008

    just give things a rest until they find the slime that killed this woman

  • Beachnut Jul 21, 2008

    Another reason LE would want sealed warrants is in validating new leads/information. If someone comes forward with knowledge that LE already has, but the public doesn't, it may be someone they want to listen to.

  • wcnc Jul 21, 2008

    The investigatin agency is the one where they believe the murder occurred, not where they find the body. That tells you something right there, I'd think....