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Erwin DMV to issue driver's licenses by mail

Posted July 18, 2008

— The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles continues to expand its pilot program to issue driver's licenses by mail. The changes, which debuted in Lillington July 1, will be expanded to the Erwin office Monday.

Driver's license applicants will no longer get a card over-the-counter. Instead, those who pass the tests will be issued a Temporary Driving Certificate valid for 20 days and a license will be delivered by mail.

DMV officials said the extra wait time allows for more sophisticated background checks.

“The program’s goal is to help fight identity theft and address fraud,” DMV Commissioner William Gore Jr. said. “There will be an adjustment period for our customers, but the return on securing our driver licenses should make up for any inconvenience.”

Licenses will no longer be made on-site at each DMV office. Instead, they will be made at a single Raleigh location, based on state legislation passed two years ago.

Wayne Hurder, of the state Department of Motor Vehicles, estimated that about 90 percent of applicants will likely get their new driver's license mailed to them in five days. For those people who require extra verification, it will take longer.

Central issuance is expected to expand to DMV offices across the state by the end of 2008.


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  • ArkAngels Jul 18, 2008

    “The program’s goal is to help fight identity theft and address fraud,” DMV Commissioner William Gore Jr. said.

    This is the dumbest thing they have ever done. If what happens to the drivers license's is what happened to my mail today... it is in someone's mailbox... somewhere... but not in MY box. I got someone else's mail in mine, so yep this will cut down on identity theft alright... yeah right!

  • mindcrime Jul 18, 2008

    For starters, we need to get the State out of the business of issuing identity documents. Government rarely gets anything else right, I see no reason to think they can properly identify anybody. Not to mention, the only proper roles of government are to protect our property rights, provide "rule of law" and enforce contracts.

    DMV should be completely dismantled and all of these State identity programs discarded.

    Phil Rhodes for NC Lieutenant Governor


  • FE Jul 18, 2008

    So this is what will actually come in the mail (like my other important documents now do)?

    Name: J*** Q SM***
    DOB: 04/01/19**
    NCDL #: 21*****8
    Picture: "on file"

    Somewhere out there potential identity thieves are grinning ear-to-ear!


  • whatelseisnew Jul 18, 2008

    Wow, our liberties are being infringed upon and I read a complaint about a typo. Amazing. I guess the typo is much more of concern. This is so wonderful, the Government will prod into you just to renew your license. Then they will mail it and you have to hope it is not stolen before you pick up your mail. Ah yes, government demonstrates they are out of control again.

  • Redjc Jul 18, 2008

    Licenses will be MAILED!! WOW, what a great idea...NOT! Why in the world would DMV think that mailing licenses will help with identity theft? Good grief, now I'll need to install a security system on my mailbox...HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!

  • Road-wearier Jul 18, 2008

    To prevent identity theft our driving licenses will be mailed to us. And the license will sit in our mailbox all day while we are at work. And of course theft of mail is never an issue.

    Just who is the rocket scientist that came up with this goofball logic??

  • commonsensical Jul 18, 2008

    'Driver's license applicants will no longer get a car over-the-counter.'

    Shouldn't that be 'card' instead of 'car'?

    I wish WRAL would publish bylines for their articles, so we can see exactly who the underperformers are. In this age of technology, there is simply no excuse for misspellings, improper word usage or grammar. Simple laziness on the part of journalists. And we wonder why NC high school graduates can't read! Apparently they can get a job at WRAL!