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Troopers: DWI driver hit by another DWI driver

Posted July 16, 2008

— Two drivers involved in two separate crashes at the same location were charged with DWI Wednesday morning, state troopers said.

The crashes happened shortly after 3 a.m. on Interstate 40 East near I-540.

Investigators say two vehicles were involved in the initial wreck. The driver of the car that caused the wreck is Angelica Wright. She was charged with DWI, troopers said.

Another driver then hit Wright’s car. David Hodge was also charged with DWI. He was driving with a revoked license because of previous drunken driving incidents, troopers said.

Hodge tried to run away, but authorities caught him.


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  • doubletrouble Jul 16, 2008

    I say this..because I did make such a mistake in my youth. Driving home from VA...2am in the morning, only car on the road and meet a Virgina Trooper. He pulled me, I blew over the limit, car impounded, 24hrs in an orange suit, fingerprinted and placed in a 6x6 cell. Call to my parents went unanswered. I had to post my own bond, pay my own fees/DUI school, HIGH insurance for 3 years. Couldn't see my GF in Va for 6 months, then lapsed to NC for a year. Was a life changing experience. I still drink from time to time..but NEVER get behind the wheel. Alot of parents baby their children, getting them/paying them out of trouble..and the absolutely the WORST thing they can do. Let them stay awhile in orange..if they are descent kids to begin with, with good morals/just made a mistake..you are doing them a great favor. It's a HUGE reality check, trust me..and that was 30yrs ago. Jailhouse eggs/toast is not Dennys.

  • doubletrouble Jul 16, 2008

    I dare say that drinking and driving is far less...than it was say 30-40 years ago. I'm sure if you look in the closets, of alot of folks here..you'd be surprised of the mistakes they have made along the same line, in their youth-just were lucky. In small NC towns, there were night clubs dotted everywhere, drunks leaving every night and with the newer DUI laws-that has surely changed the rural landscapes. These rural clubs are no longer in business. Big cities, will always be big cities, same as college towns. I do see more college students being more responsible, with having group outtings, with a designated driver. I remember when parents would throw beer parties, for their teens and such. That has changed, for the better I might add..but just goes to show ya how much has changed. You won't changed the hard cores..they don't care no matter what the law says. Nothing wrong with drinking(in moderation)...just STAY at home when you do it.

  • boingc Jul 16, 2008

    "ROFL - Air Force.....fixing video equipment LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...I should've known!!!"


    Once again you show your lack of knowledge. I did not fix video equipment, although some in my career field did. Instead, I maintained security systems, including the WS3 system. To save you the effort, the WS3 is the system that protects our nuclear assets. So, you think maintaining the security of our nuclear weapons is a joke?

  • bnorris6 Jul 16, 2008

    The bottom line is..Don't Drink and Drive!! If you obey the law you will not have anything to worry about. These officers are just doing there job and should be commended. Take personal responisiblty for your actions instead of trying to blame someone else or making excuses. Keep up the good work law enforcement and thank you for putting your life in danger every day you go to work.

  • gammasandi Jul 16, 2008

    Thank God for MADD-I helped start a chapter in Charlotte in 1981 subsequent to a circus in the court with lawyers grinning smugly when they "got one off" and a drunk driver being patted on the behind with a $500 fine and probation after killing an innocent motorist by driving in the wrong lane on a 4-lane road-there is no excuse for mixing drinking and driving-so I say catch 'em any way you can-just get them off the road, including some of my "folks"

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 16, 2008

    ROFL - Air Force.....fixing video equipment LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...I should've known!!!

  • boingc Jul 16, 2008

    "what as a 71L admin clerk, just did your 3 years and got out because you could'nt hang with the NCO's on your rear. Oh wait! Weekend warrior I bet..."


    Wow, I can see that you're great at making assumptions! You'd be a better person, and a better cop, if you relied on facts to reach conclusions. Nope, I was VIIDS/BISS maintance. Active duty, not the guard. Got a clue what that is? So, you're an ALE officer, then. No, you didn't tell me that. You told me to call 1-877-ALE, not that you were an ALE officer, and I don't make assumptions. So, surely you have some type of ID number, as I would not consider it professional to refer to you as Trublue. So, can you please provide your ID number, since you do everything by the book?

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 16, 2008

    Nope...swerving has been known to be "Sorry officer, I was changing the dial on my radio." "Oops, Trooper I spilled this coffee in my lap and it made me swerve." "Evening Deputy, my cell phone rang and I was trying to answer it, thats probably why I was swerving." Again, lame brain - leave the copping to the cops. Swerving is not enough for me. I want to convict you lock, stock, and no smoking barrels, which is why I have never lost a DWI conviction.

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 16, 2008

    BOINGC - I gave it to you already, The Bureau of Alcohol Law Enforcement, specifically DWI interdiction Team. Tell em TruBlue sent ya. You really should come clean with that bogus law degree you have too....Military too huh? what as a 71L admin clerk, just did your 3 years and got out because you could'nt hang with the NCO's on your rear. Oh wait! Weekend warrior I bet...

  • boingc Jul 16, 2008

    "Ordinary -

    I never stopped anyone for swerving. You need to show me ALOT more Reasonable Suspicion if I stop you on observed driving alone."


    Whoa!!! You're saying swerving isn't 'reasonable suspision' for you, but leaving a bar is! I'm amazed! I mean, I would have thought you'd be MUCH more likely to pull someone for swerving than just leaving a bar. But then again, I don't have a reason to be power hungry like you...