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Nuisance geese at gated community euthanized

Posted July 14, 2008

— A federal agency euthanized about 50 geese last Monday to deal with an overpopulation problem in a gated community.

An original population of 30 geese at Carolina Trace has tripled in the past three years, and the birds were becoming a nuisance, employees said.

"We had several golfers reporting getting attacked and getting run off by geese as they were going for their balls," Tim Hart, supervisor of the Carolina Trace golf course, said.

A school bus stop, the golf course and other areas of Carolina Trace were "just littered with feces," Hart said. One adult goose produces between 8 ounces and a pound of feces each day.

Hart said the community had tried several methods to scare the geese away.

"We've used bottle rockets. We used fencing, just trying to harrass them by golf carts or Gators," Hart said. "(We're) not trying to hurt them, just trying to keep them moving all the time."

Employees even tried annoying the geese with one worker's dog, but the geese took shelter in the community's 320-acre lake.

"Once geese get in the water, dogs aren't really effective," Hart said.

Hart contacted federal officials about the problem. Agents told him the only way to deal with it was to kill the geese.

A week ago, wildlife workers trapped and used gas to kill about 50 of the birds.

"Nobody wants to hurt animals; that's not anybody's intentions," Hart said. "But unfortunately, this is how it had to be handled."

A representative of North Carolina's USDA division would not talk about the decision, but said that the geese were euthanized following veterinary standards.

Hart said he has received two complaints.

"In general, most people are – I shouldn't say glad, but they are glad to see the problem go away," Hart said.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that North Carolina has an overpopulation problem with geese. Ten years ago, the goose population was three times larger than its optimal size.

North Carolina State University has joined the Federal Aviation Administration to study why the state' s goose population is growing, particularly around dangerous places such as airports.

On Sunday, Interstate 485 in Charlotte was shut down after a driver slowed for Canada geese crossing the highway, triggering a four-vehicle wreck.


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  • Adelinthe Jul 16, 2008

    timbo - "The care we take of animals will one day come to haunt us all.". Just out in left field."

    Not that far out to those who study and respect nature.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB


    Here you go.

    2100 Country Club Drive
    Sanford, North Carolina 27332
    Tel: (919) 499-5121
    Fax: (919) 499-9498
    Email: info@CarolinaTraceCC.com

  • Timbo Jul 16, 2008

    sww1rb, that means the person that made that comment is somewhat out of touch and making inane comments. Hence, "Lights on, nobody home.". Similar to your comment "The care we take of animals will one day come to haunt us all.". Just out in left field.


    The article states they captured the geese. Why didn't they just relocate them, they already had them captured.

  • Adelinthe Jul 16, 2008

    timbo - "I will pray for you, that you don't have to be eliminated." Lights on, nobody....

    Whatever that means.

    Sounds to me like you just didn't want to come out and make a straight point.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Jul 16, 2008

    Rehabber - Well said, and AMEN!!!

    Animals have a God-given right to be where nature takes them. If they were truly ill or what they were doing was posing serious risk, that's one thing. But to kill them because they chase a few golfers impinging on their territory or because some golfer with a swelled head and few values doesn't want to step in their doo is Godless.

    The care we take of animals will one day come to haunt us all. As for me and my family, the animals we shelter are cared for better than we take care of ourselves. And I believe that's the way it should be.

    For as we care for the weakest, we too shall be shown a similar fate in times to come.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Wildlife Rehabber Jul 16, 2008

    Most people who work with animals have nothing to do with Peta. The fact that someone thinks everyone who cares about animals is a peta person means they are ignorant and prejudice. I eat meat, I don't have a problem with people hunting or killing their food but there is no excuse for making animals suffer. There is no reason for senseless killing for no purpose other than the fact these rich jerks were inconvenienced. The fact they were too lazy to try and find a humane solution, this problem will be back next year. If you don't get to the root of the problem then it just reoccurs.

    People cant find jobs, kids aren't able to eat food in this country and they spend thousands of dollars to remove geese and then waste all the meat as well. I wish the only problems I had to worry about were a few birds in my yard or some p**p in my grass. My neighbors dog leaves way more feces in my yard than anything else and scientifically proven to carry way more diseases. Yes dogs and cats ro

  • Shadow213 Jul 16, 2008

    ugh. Geese are MEAN! They have no fear in trying to attack me while I attempt to run around them on the Raleigh Greenway...

  • ncguy Jul 16, 2008

    People this is not about peta or any other left wing group. It's about the land that someone owns- so the public really has no say in it. They should have waited for hunting season, since I doubt it is the city limits it would be OK to shoot them. Then take them to the food shelter and feed the people.

  • Buford T. Justice Jul 16, 2008