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Lowe's son pleads guilty to home invasion

Posted July 14, 2008

— The son of North Carolina State basketball coach Sidney Lowe pleaded guilty Monday to a dozen charges connected to a March 2007 home invasion.

Sidney Lowe II, 23, pleaded guilty to six counts each of robbery with a dangerous weapon and second-degree kidnapping.

He also entered an Alford plea to the following charges: conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a weapon on school property, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. The first of the charges is linked to a shooting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

In an Alford plea, a person can acknowledge the evidence in a case would lead to a conviction but still not admit guilt to a crime.

Lowe II is expected to be sentenced Tuesday.

Brian Martin, 20, will also be in court to face his own charges in connection with the shooting.


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  • Jeremiah Jul 15, 2008

    For some (somewhat) positive Wolfpack news, JJ Hickson shined in his NBA debut. He gave some credit to Sidney Lowe for preparing him for the NBA. Hopefull highly-touted high school players are paying attention. John Wall? Lorenzo Brown?


  • parr4246 Jul 15, 2008

    why is this under the "Sports" headlines......???? Just because his father is a coach that doesn't make it Sports Headline news....................!!!!!

  • Deacons Jul 15, 2008

    i know i will get slammed for this but i do not care: his dad should be arrested for impersonating a coach.

  • maxpower Jul 15, 2008

    Take this thug article off and put something interesting to read on here.

  • dws Jul 15, 2008

    there are no guarantees in life, and that includes children maturing into responsible adults, even when given positive parental guidance and high moral and ethical standards

  • str8-line Jul 14, 2008

    tomm175, your comment below is pathetic and must also be a reflection of you. Parents this day and time can only do so much. I have raised 4 and they have all turned out different as night and day. I as a parent only have so much control. I'm sure your children have turned out perfect.

    Sorry - but what your kids are a direct reflection of you. If you do your job they will turn out alright, even though they will make small mistakes along the way. If you don't do your job then they turn out like this and make HUGE mistakes.

  • Tarheel born Jul 14, 2008

    "An Alford Plea".....it just goes to show you this thug still doesn't and well never have the guts just to say "yea, I screwed up royally and embarrassed myself and more importantly my whole family." He probably still thinks he did no wrong. If and when he gets time, and he should, as armed robbery carries a statutory minimum of 7 years maybe then he'll wake up and straighten up.

  • teacher-mom Jul 14, 2008

    I feel sorry for his parents. I hope they can keep him out of jail. I know this is costing a fortune. He should have to make restitution to each and every victim.

  • MarcoPolo Jul 14, 2008

    dws, more confused than before.

    I'm assuming that there was an altercation between this guy, lowe and another guy named martin, which we all assume to be over drugs. (society is to blame, I know.) These upstanding young men tried to shoot eachother and one missed. Lowe got arrested and Martin got in trouble for handing Lowe the gun.
    Drug dealer from Raleigh after his altercation with Lowe gets picked up for drugs.

    In between there are a bunch more charges applied to Lowe and he decides to break into someone's house, tie them up and torture them while he looks for something steal. He gets hungry and eats a ham sandwich. Finds some cash, playstation, gps unit and a tv.

    Somehow he's guilty of about 12 charges of which how many have been dropped? Also, do these characters have priors? I betcha they do.

    Dude, the article was useless to me-- just muddied the water even more. The point of it was the guy Lowe shot deserved to be shot. Thanks though anyway.

  • dws Jul 14, 2008

    here ya go Marco, check out the charges here.....pretty well sums up the situation: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1258949/