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Wendell man found guilty in wife's stabbing death

Posted July 10, 2008
Updated July 11, 2008

— A Wendell man charged in the death of his wife was found guilty Thursday, after three days of jury deliberation.

Jurors found Jakiem Wilson, 24, guilty of first-degree murder by lying in wait in the Feb. 12, 2007, stabbing death of his wife, Nneka Wilson.

They must now decide whether Wilson should be sentenced to death or life in prison.

Prosecutors presented evidence during the sentencing hearing Thursday afternoon, calling Jamie Russell Holder, charged with accessory after the fact to murder in the case, to testify.

Holder recalled how, he said, Wilson called him and had him listen over the phone as Nneka Wilson gasped for air before she died.

Holder said he listened for eight seconds and could not listen anymore.

Last month, Wilson admitted to being responsible for the crime but said it was not first-degree murder.

Opening statements began June 30, and testimony – sometimes graphic – lasted four days. Holder testified how Wilson said he killed his wife because she was "nagging" him about online chatting with other women.

"We really didn't know exactly what happened," Nneka Wilson's mother, Claudette Hill said Thursday after the verdict. "So, I found out what had happened, and he literally slaughtered my daughter."

Roderick Ryan Howell, also charged with accessory after the fact of murder, also testified last Wilson threatened him if he did not help clean up evidence and trash the house to make it appear as if Nneka Wilson was the victim of a gang killing.

Holder also testified that he wrote a message scrawled in blood across the kitchen floor that suggested Jakiem Wilson would be killed next.

Authorities said Nneka Wilson had been dead for up to 16 hours before Wilson called 911.

"It sounded like something a monster would do," said Nneka Wilson's cousin, Wanda Gilbert-Coker, said.

Earlier in the trial, Superior Court Judge Henry Hight ruled evidence seized from Wilson's home – including two hatchets, a sword, a bow and arrow and blood-stained evidence collected by crime-scene analysts – could not be used in the trial because Wake sheriff's deputies lacked probable cause to search the house after Nneka Wilson's body was found.

More testimony is expected Friday in the trial's sentencing phase.

If jurors decide on the death penalty, Wilson would be the second person in Wake County since a de facto moratorium on executions went into effect last January.

Byron Waring was sentenced to death last July in the November 2005 stabbing death of Lauren Redman.


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  • teacher-mom Jul 11, 2008

    It costs so much to keep an inmate in prison. I am afraid we will get to the point that we cannot afford to maintain thse inmates.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jul 11, 2008

    Life in Prison would be deserving. May she rest in peace.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jul 11, 2008

    Death Roll: I are you going to feel if this person who killed his wife and the guys that killed Eve Carson get the death penalty; but set on death roll for years and years to come. What is the point? Besides NC is still in lingo law about the death penalty. Don't you read the news and keep up with things like this? Life in prison without parole is better. I am glad though none of you will be on the jury. Judge not that ye not be judge. Meanwhile, wondering who is judging you? :)

  • humbleblaklady Jul 11, 2008

    NOW! Either execute him; or turn him over to that one crazy member of the victim's family (we all have at least one) who believes in street justice, settling a score, or whatever you want to call it. Save the tax payers money and guarantees true justice. Give him the SAME path to Death Row that the, over 18 year old, killer (soon to be convicted) of Eva Carson will--no doubt--receive (and has earned). This guy is even worst--HIS WIFE? WROTE IN HER BLOOD? WITH HIS KIDS IN THE HOUSE? Will there be "justice"? The only saving grace about this case, is that the murder was NOT committed in Durham, where he may have gotten out while awaiting trial or could receive a "light" sentence.

  • wcnc Jul 11, 2008

    "Teachers do not have the ability to falsely accuse people and put them in prison. "

    Are you kidding me?? ANYONE has to ability to falsely accuse someone and getthem thrown in prison....In fact, I'd say regular citizens have more of a chance than police. Police show up at situations they have been called to, usually because someone is committing a crime. And I'm sure those not trained in the law think that the police end up falsely accusing, when in fact those people are breaking the law and you just aren't aware enough to know it!

  • Mommy of 5 Jul 11, 2008

    "IteachforJesus"- That's what I can't understand- A woman lies dead, slaughtered in her own home. There is a death threat written in her blood on the floor, How in the modern world is there not 'probable cause' to search the remainder of the home? The killer could still be hiding there. (and was, posing as a husband) iamforjustice; Dude, did you even read the testimony? This guy is as guilty as they come- making his friend listen as his wife lay dying? (I am sure there are phone records to support Mr. Holder's claim, too!) I think a swift death penalty is too good for this guy, but then again, I don't want my tax dollars feeding him for the next sixty years, either. This was clearly violent, premeditated, and qualifies as a death penalty case.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jul 11, 2008

    Regardless, teacher or not, this man, (if you want to call him that) murdered an innocent woman. I just hope he will get life in prison without parole. The death penalty phase is still in question. Still that person could sit on death row for many years to come and still have life. Life in Prison would be better. My condolences to the family.

  • teacher-mom Jul 10, 2008

    Teachers do not have the ability to imprison others. I have seen far too many people harassed by the police. I do not care if you become anti-teacher or not. Some teachers are bad. Some do inappropriate things with their students. So do doctors and preachers. In fact, the more I know people, the more I like my dog. Teachers do not have the ability to falsely accuse people and put them in prison. Most teachers do not beat up their students. I am tired of seeing people falsely accused and incarcerated. Let's all do our jobs.

  • grayboomerang Jul 10, 2008

    iamforjustice...okay, I'll bite...then who did it? The one armed man? Let's think about this for a moment....he talks about killing his wife, he's chatting with other women on the internet, he calls his friend and has him listen to her last breaths for air....Hmmmm, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..it probably is a duck.

    Do you also believe that Scott Peterson is innocent???

  • didisaythat Jul 10, 2008

    "Maybe people would not be so "anti-police" if the police behaved properly. It is a shame that a few people who misbehave amke it bad for those who do. I keep thinking about the officer who shot that young man in Wilmington. We cannot have officers who are intimidated that easily running around with guns. People will die."
    Teacher-mom are you serious? Which is it all the police behaving improperly or just a few making it bad for the rest? If we take this approach with teachers and become anti-teacher because of the ones we see on tv taking "advantage" of their students, we are making a tough job that much more difficult. The police already have at least 50% of the people they deal with against them. I think you would agree if teachers had the support of the community and parents their job would be much easier. I could be wrong, I am not a teacher but see what they deal with and know teachers. If more people supported the police we may have less crime and "improper" police action