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Two injured after motorcyclist leads authorities on chase

Posted July 7, 2008
Updated July 8, 2008

— Two people were injured Monday night after a motorcyclist led authorities on a chase just before 10:30 p.m.

Durham County deputies tried to pull over Arthur Tilley, 46, for speeding on 501 North near Bahama Road and Preston Andrews Road.

After about a 5 minute chase, Tilley, who was going 110 mph, ran into the back of a car near Bahama Road. Durham authorities said the chase was justified.

Tilley was thrown off the bike and was in serious condition at Duke Hospital, authorities said. He faces several charges, including DWI.

He has been charged with three other DWIs in the past 10 years and could now be charged as a habitual DWI offender.

The woman Tilley hit, Sherry Dail, was taken to a hospital. She is expected to be OK.

Her 4-year-old daughter, Megan, died in a drunken driving wreck in Durham in 1997. Timothy Blackwell hit the family's minivan. He was drunk and later convicted. Blackwell was sentenced to up to 50 years behind bars.


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  • MM Rebecca Jul 10, 2008

    Ok we all feel sorry for Mrs. Dail of course, but what about the family of the motorcycle driver. They are having to deal with a family member or friend being pretty much at deaths door, the harassment, and media. Some are quick to judge. No, Drinking and driving is a bad thing. But do we know had his wife just left him for another man, did he have a child raped or killed that threw him into the alcohol. We DON'T know and should not judge. We should pray for Mr. Tilley, not only that he pulls through, but that he gives up the alcohol.

  • leo-nc Jul 8, 2008

    "I don't think the police had the right to chase, I am glad the no innocent person was hurt, but what if she was driving a smart car, or a convertible, she could have been killed. Other states don't even give chase to motorcyclist, they are just too fast and quick. What if the officer hit someone? If the police chase someone, they just double the number of crazy drivers on the road at that time.

    Now if he had a gun to someone's head yes, don't let him get away, but someone who doesn't want to stop, don't hurt me because someone doesn't respect your blue lights.."

    Not once in your post did you put the blame on the Drunk Driver. THAT is SAD, and yes, the police have every right to chase you if you run, period. The Supreme Court has upheld this many times.... By God, why did you not say a single thing about the drunk? Have you ever stopped to think that if he hadn't been drinking and driving, none of this would have happened? Where is common sense these days?

  • tarheelblue919 Jul 8, 2008

    may i say that drinking and driving is NOT a dang mistake! its something that is clearly known that your NOT supposed to do! it it your obligation and responsibility to turn back that bottle in a safe way! a mistake is not when you purposely do something wrong, knowing your doing it and its wrong!!! and as for me and my family we have every right to drive on the highway with other SOBER drivers! drunk drivers do NOT have the right to put me and my kids in danger b.c. they have a bad habit! how hard is it to plan ahead, know what your doing and where your gonna be when you drink. its not hard, folks just dont want to...

  • whocares Jul 8, 2008

    Some people don't have the sense that God gave an ant. This guy needs to be in jail where he will be away from society. Obviously he cannot be trusted "not to drink". I hope Mrs. Dial is OK. It was bad enough that a drunk killed her daughter, but a drunk nearly killed her.

  • oldschooltarheel Jul 8, 2008

    "anyone can make a mistake" - sure, anything can happen once but dismissing a drunk for driving as a "mistake" is in itself a serious error in judicial judgement. The penalties for drunk driving & fleeing a blue light should be severe and immutable - that would provide some deterrent & at least get the other id-driven schmucks off the road behind bars (preferably doing roadwork).

    "no chase" - hmmm, there's a great idea - let's just all stand around wringing our hands and asking the drunk lawbreakers to perhaps consider the option of slowing down... for the good of everyone. Think that'll reduce accidents? Doubt it.

  • Xiaoding Jul 8, 2008

    Geez, my SV650 does 120, and it's only a twin. He was definetly drunk.

    Can't see the video...maybey a BMW? Or perhaps the speed is exagerated, that happens a lot. 110 may really be 90, 85.

  • 68_polara Jul 8, 2008

    1opinion, harleys aren't fast but they can certainly do 110, if you give them enough time. ;-)

  • 68_polara Jul 8, 2008

    There ya go Xiaoding... Isn't one battle per article enough for you? I have to admit I got a chuckle out of it though.

  • 1opinion Jul 8, 2008

    xiaoding - Watch the video, clearly not a Harley. 110 on a stock Harley? I don't think so.

  • Xiaoding Jul 8, 2008

    What kind of bike was this guy riding? 110 is pretty lame for a sportbike, must have been a Harley.