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Wake County manager wants countywide audit

Posted July 3, 2008
Updated July 7, 2008

— Questionable spending practices of a former Wake County employee have the county manager calling for a countywide audit.

In a memo Thursday to the Wake County Board of Commissioners, County Manager David Cooke stated he would recommend an independent audit of all county departments for the past year. The Environmental Services Department will be audited for the past two years.

The decision comes after Craig Wittig was fired from his job on June 3 as a recycling coordinator for the county's Solid Waste Management Division.

County officials found out he had taken at least 46 taxpayer-funded trips since he was hired in February 2006.

Wittig said the trips were efforts to research environmental programs in other parts of the country so that Wake County could develop a state-of-the-art recycling program.

But others were approved without a work-related purpose.

Including Wittig, seven employees in the Solid Waste Management Division charged $165,165 to credit cards issued by Wake County between April 2006 and last month, according to county records.

Some county commissioners have called for other employees to be fired in the case, but Cooke said he is still reviewing the case to determine whether other disciplinary action is warranted.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 4, 2008

    They first need to audit Governor Easley's $170K trip to Europe and his wife's two $100K trips to Europe to "look" at art.

    They also need to audit the 88% pay increase that Governor Easley's wife got from NCSU.

  • jimmycrackcorn Jul 4, 2008

    Maybe a full scale Government Audit using Citizen Tribunals.
    Have a cross section of people voting on individuals that stand before them. If they fail the examination, they are held accountable, whether civil or criminal.

  • RowdyFriend Jul 4, 2008

    Maybe they should hire this guy to replace Randy Parton in Roanoke Rapids. He seems to have the business model down pat.

  • superman Jul 4, 2008

    Schools have an independent audit every year. The county should have been having an independent audit every year also. Seems the chairman of the county commissioners has a few problems other than the school system. He been throwing rocks and now the rocks are breaking his windows. They have come home to roost. He critized the schools handling of their money and now the county looks far worse than the schools.

  • teacher56 Jul 4, 2008

    The entire state gov't needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb!

  • StanleyCup Jul 4, 2008

    OH YEA!!! That will come as a shock. It is gonna take alot of time to go thru. Kinda hard to to hold up in court if the highest person in the state is doing the same thing and no one will get him. That will be a good defense strategy..

  • Panther Jul 4, 2008

    Experience has taught me that the little guy learns how to steal by observing the top management. No government official on top is going to let an independent auditor really expose the level of corrption. This would mean their job and head as so to speak. The waste in government weather it be county/state/or national level is mind boggling. Be real folks, do you think that they will really expose the real bad apples? This would mean that they must expose themselves for corruption that happens on their watch.

  • Tax Man Jul 4, 2008

    They need to have independent auditors complete a full audit of all of Wake County - especially the WCPSS! Then, if things are amiss, Mr Willoughby needs to step in (or perhaps the State AG) and prosecute the abusers as well as recouping the funds.

    I'll bet this fellow in Waste Management/Recycling is just the tip of the iceberg! Bet the school board has lots of "business" trips and other freebies. Let's see what shows up! And, take the cost of the audit from the crooks proportionately to their thievery.

    Quit stealing from the taxpayers. Let's move to the Fairtax - www.fairtax.org - it would make things much better for taxpayers.

  • CozyCake Jul 4, 2008

    While I disagree with the trips, I can't help but think that he thought it was OK due to the apparent "blank check" attitude that prevailed. It appears that there was no distinct criteria set in place on what was acceptable use of P-Card and what was not. I think this whole thing shows the general attitude of disrespect of taxpayers money and lack of proper protocol in the use of the card.

  • murph Jul 4, 2008

    Come on people, it's only money. If Easley and his wife can do it why can't all public servants. We'll just raise taxes and make up for all of that wasted money and everyone (the politicians) will be happy...