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'Interstate bandits' hit Raleigh bank, FBI says

Posted July 3, 2008

— Federal agents said two men dubbed the Interstate Bandits robbed a bank on Capital Boulevard Thursday morning.

Two men entered the First Citizens Bank, 4801 Capital Blvd., around 10:15 a.m., said Raleigh Police Capt. H.C. Miller.

“They jumped the counter. They forced the clerks away from the counter,” Raleigh Police Sgt. J.D. Sherry said.

The robbers moved fast grabbing money out of tellers’ cash drawers. The men shoved some people in the bank, but no one was injured, federal agents said. The unmasked robbers did not use weapons or threaten violence against anyone.

The men ran from the bank, but police believe they later got into a vehicle to flee the area, Miller said. Officers recovered some of the stolen money in the bank's parking lot.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Charlotte office were probing the robbery.

Investigators said these two men are the so-called Interstate Bandits, wanted for a string of seven other bank robberies spanning four states. The robberies all occurred at banks near interstates.

The first robbery was May 8 in Virginia. Other robberies occurred in Huntersville, N.C., on May 23, and Chattanooga, Tenn., on June 3.

On June 6, investigators said the suspects hit the SunTrust Bank in Cary using the same formula – rushing in and jumping over the counter.

Cary Police Sgt. Randy Byrd said the suspects were “in and out in a very short span of time.”

Investigators said the two hit a bank in Hoover, Ala. on June 10 and three days later stole money from a bank in Richmond, Va.

The First Citizens Bank, which was robbed Thursday, lies between Interstate 440 and Interstate 540.

In a June 24 robbery in Concord, one man also jumped over the counter in a First Citizens Bank and physically forced tellers to give him money.

FBI agents warned that the men are becoming increasingly violent with each robbery.

Raleigh police described them as two black men between 25 and 30 years old, with a medium build.

One robber wore a long-sleeved, white T-shirt and blue jeans. The second wore a long-sleeved, collared shirt with brown and yellow stripes, along with blue jeans.

Witnesses out of the First Citizens Bank said the suspects may be in a white or silver Honda mini-van.
Anyone with information about these cases should call Crime Stoppers at 919-266-2746, the Charlotte FBI Field Office at 704-377-9200 or call 911.


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  • iamforjustice Jul 4, 2008

    Let's see how you guys morals are..if you were to see these guys and they said I will give you 10,000 dollars to shut up and not report us what would you do or is 10,000 enough to keep you quiet?

  • iamforjustice Jul 4, 2008

    backwards...banks up North, Down south, over east and west get robbed. Please don't think that people south of NYC are ignant.lol

  • saltygirl2 Jul 3, 2008

    They just needed gas money.

  • themom2 Jul 3, 2008

    How scary that must have been for the employees behind the counter. Yes, I'm sure they've trained for these kind of situations, but training and reality are two different things. Not a good way to start a long weekend. I applaud the employees' bravery!

  • John Q Public Jul 3, 2008

    This should have more comments than some article about a sheriff's "drunk" daughter. How sad are we. Scary stuff.

  • 3forme Jul 3, 2008

    backwards..fyi 95 runs north if you get tired of us..

  • Just my thought Jul 3, 2008

    Hey, backwards....Very appropriate name. I'm just glad you called yourself backwards first.

  • motorfinga Jul 3, 2008

    Man, they could've at least tried to disguise themselve.

    Thier fireworks display will probably be gunfire from police.

  • get-er done Jul 3, 2008

    It's funny how everything up north is so much better.GET Real!!!!!!!!

  • backwards Jul 3, 2008

    Im from the north and the banks up there are very secure. They have bullet proof glass around the whole counter and a secure door to get in and out from behind the counter. Wake up Raleigh and update your banks. The number of robberies around here are crazy. I guess they'll wait for someone to get seriously hurt before the banks do something.