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Road projects get red light due to budget

Posted July 1, 2008

— Ten road improvement projects are being put on hold in Raleigh due to budget constraints.

The city planned to widen Rock Quarry Road from New Hope to Sunny Brook roads next year, but that is among those projects getting postponed.

"Given the gas prices and the lesser amount of driving, it doesn't seem to be a necessity right now. So that has been postponed,” Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said.

Improvements to Lake Wheeler Road, and the widening of Leesville and Mitchell roads have also come to a halt, after Raleigh city leaders voted not to move forward with a transportation bond.

“It's always a concern anytime you postpone something like that, but given the economy, it seemed like the right thing to do,” Meeker said.

Plans to widen Buck Jones Road hit the same road block.

Traffic "picks up around eight and nine in the morning, coming from Cary into Raleigh and then it picks up about five (in the afternoon), coming from Raleigh to Cary,” motorist Matthew Krachey said of Buck Jones Road.

Representatives from group 'WakeUP Wake County' said the decision to delay the road projects should be a wake-up call.

"I think the answer for the congested streets is more transit, because you can move more people at rush hour when the congestion is happening,” said Greg Flynn, with WakeUP Wake County.

Congestion that may only get worse.

“As we grow, it only gets to be more of a concern. It would be nice to keep up with the demands of the thoroughfares as opposed to waiting until a crisis occurs,” Flynn added.

There are two projects that did get the green light. The widening and realignment of Falls of Neuse Road at a cost of $6.5 million, and $3.4 million worth of improvements to Hillsborough Street.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 4, 2008

    Meekerville should quit wasting money on the Convention Center and it's Hotel along with promoting downtown development that only benefits a few.

    Instead, Meekerville should focus on improving roads which benefits a large percentage of the population.

  • iamforjustice Jul 2, 2008

    I for one would just like to ride instead of driving. A nice train ride to work would be nice. I wouldn't even mind getting up an extra 30 minutes early to take a train for 1 hour to work. I can pray on the way or read books. I would love to get out of traffic and stop having to stop at gas tanks.

  • hi_i_am_wade Jul 2, 2008

    Well, because of the insane gas prices increases, people might not be able to afford to drive. That will reduce congestion.

    And we still have people who have the myopic "roads where I don't live are not important" thinking. That is DOT thinking, which is why we are in this mess to begin with! Why else was US-70 and US-64 finished early while I-540 is delayed? I can name 3 projects more important than 540, as important as that is. I-485 in Charlotte (20 years late and still not done), I-140 in Wilmington (5 years late and still not done), and the Bonner Bridge (pray you make it over the bridge).

    We need a common sense approach to roads. Yes urban areas need more funding. Yes other projects are important. Common sense would fix the DOT problems. Instead, we have deprecated thinking and special interest thinking. The roads the DOT big wigs and politicians will use and want get done quicker whereas roads where they don't drive are delayed. That is not the answer.

  • fkhaywood Jul 2, 2008

    Most roads in the City of Raleigh are not part of the State road network, so how can State money be used to build or maintain them. If the sign doesn't have SR#______ on it, it is not part of the State road network. Only roads labeled US, NC, SR# or I are part of the State network. Other roads are either City Maintained or privately owned. No, I don't work for the DOT!

  • Gatsby Jul 2, 2008

    whatelseisnew said:

    The city should not be involved in road projects in the first place. The thing I do not understand is with all the additional taxes and fees that Meeker has piled on why is there not tons of money available?

    If the City does not Engineer future roads...Who will?
    Ever been stuck in traffic gridlock? Like it?

    By your suggestion things would wax worse & worse until every road to took was like Capital @ 5:15.

    I agree we need better mass transit but to say we dont need constant infrastructure upgrades is crazy.

  • wildervb Jul 2, 2008


    So basically you're saying that the city of Raleigh should abandon all its local road building plans. That puts you in agreement with Meeker at least for the moment.

    You are right, there is plenty of wasteful public spending. But I disagree with you when it comes to roads. It's not going to get done by private industry, the government is the only entity that can build them. I see it as a investment in our local infrastructure. That investment improves transportation for all of us and helps spur on private development.

  • ldw Jul 2, 2008



  • whatelseisnew Jul 2, 2008


    Yes did they pass a bond. You will get those things about the time that the tolls are erected on the Southern part of NC540. I vote against all bonds that I get to vote on. I firmly believe in pay as you go.

  • whatelseisnew Jul 2, 2008

    Giving more money to Government at any level is hardly conservative. If people want to be so foolish as to vote themselves further into debt, they can choose to do so. All I know is, the more money that is taken by Government entities, they spend it, do not provide the services that were promised, and then tell you they need more. What we need is less government intrusion into people's wallets and I do not care whether it is Feds on down to the local level. The more they take the more bloated they become. Just one example in Raleigh is they should be paying Police at least as much as surrounding cities and they don't so they lose officers to other cities close by. To me when you can not even afford a service so basic as police you have no business looking for other things on which to spend money.

  • Carolina Conservative Jul 2, 2008

    It's not a concern to Meeker because neither he nor people in his circle of influence have to commute over the affected roads every day.