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Sanford wants family to say ‘bye bye’ to birdies

Posted June 27, 2008

— The Reid family is fighting to keep 14 family members in their back yard.

The 14 are chickens, which have lived with the family more than three years and have won prizes at the county and state fairs.

When the Sanford City Council recently found out the animals lived at the Reids' home, they informed the family the chickens are against a city ordinance that prohibits poultry, swine or goats within the corporate limits of the city.

The city cites concerns about noise, smell and health.

Alexandra Reid said other cities allow chicken coops. She recently lobbied for the council to change the ordinance, proposing rules for chicken coops in the city. She suggested the coops be kept neat and fully covered and be located on large pieces of land at least 50 feet from a dwelling.

“There was no real consensus to move in that direction,” City Manager Hal Hegwer said.

Starting Wednesday, the family will be charged a $100 a day fine for each chicken.

Reid said she will keep fighting to keep the chickens, but cannot afford to pay the fines.


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  • oldschooltarheel Jul 7, 2008

    betcha this would be different story if the chicken owners were a bit more "diverse". Then it would be all about keeping diversity down. These folks are doing exactly what a lot of chronic mall rats will be longing to do soon if our economy keeps heading the way its been going. Bet these folks don't waste $$ ON LAWN SERVICES WITH FERTILZERS/PESTICIDES EITHER.

  • mindcrime Jul 7, 2008

    ".the city is no place for farm animals. If you want to raise chickens move to the country."

    Then the city would just annex your home without your permission and *still* try and impose their restrictions on you.

    Phil Rhodes for NC Lieutenant Governor

  • mindcrime Jul 7, 2008

    "It is, therefore, the law, and we are to be law abiding citizens."

    Immoral and unjust laws should be ignored. And any law which purports to make something a crime, where there is no violation of another person's rights, is immoral and unjust.

    Sanford doesn't need a city ordinance against chickens, all it needs is a common sense and common-law approach. If a neighbor feels their rights have been violated (chicken noises keeping them awake at night, for example) then they have a right to self-defense, which can be expressed collectively through the auspice of government. So let them get a jury together and try the case based on alleged actual harm, not some speculative notion of what might happen.

  • Adelinthe Jul 7, 2008

    "...a city ordinance that prohibits poultry, swine or goats within the corporate limits of the city."

    It is, therefore, the law, and we are to be law abiding citizens.

    On the other hand, I live in Raleigh and have two hens and a rooster. My excuse? My property was a farm BEFORE it's zoning laws were changed.

    Praying for these folks to find a new home where they can keep their prize winners.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • alwayslovingu30 Jul 7, 2008

    home raised chickes produce safe eggs enfect truth they will clean up U can believe it

  • alwayslovingu30 Jul 7, 2008

    I have had chickens for about A year I love them.They dont stink
    They R very intertaing to watch they Eat ticks bugs an guess what they even help keep the bugs out of the garden I have 13 grown rite now 9 more that I incubated that R 23 days old an more hatching now I love my babies.They R alot quiter than A yapping dog.I will have all I can.If any 1 has any rhode Island reds that will set I am looking for some AlwaysLovingU30@hotmail.com

  • jkca Jul 4, 2008

    My family raised chickens in our backyard, and having chickens is the greatest thing! They are very entertaining, supply good eggs, and they do not stink!
    I say "KEEP MOR CHICK'N!!!!!

  • willsmama93 Jul 3, 2008

    I used to think chickens were loud, and very dirty and messy. My son took the initiative to research chickens, their behaviors, pros and cons to raising a small backyard flock, ect. that convinced me otherwise.
    We now have a small backyard flock of 4- 3 pullets and a rooster. As long as we do our part by making sure they have clean water, and flenty of food, and we clean our coop on a weekly basis and provide them with pine shavings for bedding and litter, there is no smell, and the chickens keep themselves clean with preening. The rooster does crow, but not loudly, and not in the early dawn hours. My neighbors love that I will be providing them with delicious fresh eggs, and my son, a former video game and computer addict, is learning from taking care of them, and is motivated to do something besides sit in the house all day.
    I applaude this woman, and her family, for fighting for what is important to them. I hope the city can begin to see the benefits in raising backyard chickens.

  • PikeMom4real Jul 3, 2008

    They own the property, they should be allowed to do what they choose.

    But,they also bought the property with an ordinance.If they wanted to raise chickens then they should have bought someplace else.

  • lmmorse Jul 2, 2008

    Whatusay, I don't think anyone here is going to waste their time feeding trolls.