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Lawmaker wants to expand use of lottery proceeds

Posted June 26, 2008

— The way lottery proceeds go to benefit education in North Carolina needs to change, at least one state lawmaker says.

This fiscal year, the lottery raised nearly $319 million for public schools, while state education leaders say they are facing a $50 million budget shortfall in diesel fuel costs and teacher bonuses.

Lottery funds must go to uses designated by legislation, including school construction, early childhood education and scholarships.

State Sen. Phil Berger, R-Guilford, said uses for lottery funds need to be expanded to allow them to pay for anything related to schools.

"The message was being delivered that if we pass the lottery, we'll have plenty of money for education. That's just not the case," Berger said.

However, other state lawmakers, including Sen. Tony Rand, D-Cumberland, said changing that formula would be harmful.

"Of course, it would hurt the programs it was intended for," Rand said.

He said legislators must work to find funding sources for bonuses and fuel elsewhere.

"We are going to make sure we take care of our children," he said.


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  • alwayslovingu30 Jun 27, 2008

    this is just like hiway taxes going to social services they put it where they wont it not where its supposed to go an hiways go lacking attention because of slackers infect truth

  • alwayslovingu30 Jun 27, 2008

    North carolina Education lottery what A joke.Key voters not present 4 A reason they opposed it an the others didnt wont them 2 black ball the lottery.They passed it illegally,laws were broken but no charges were filed hmmmmmm politics again.The state of virginia passed its lottery saying the same thing education they always paas it off on education but its the politics behind the schemes infect truth

  • YeaOh Jun 27, 2008

    TEACHER BONUSES ??????? I'm going to puke!

  • Karmageddon Jun 27, 2008

    "The message was being delivered that if we pass the lottery, we'll have plenty of money for education. That's just not the case," Berger said.

    I'd like for him to show me where anyone said that. He's full of balony

  • short Jun 27, 2008

    Here we go.........to pass the Lottery - Easley makes a pact in the middle of the night - a pay-off for a key representative not to be present at the vote....The public is promised funds go to education and only education.....and now here we see the first hole in the dam...........before long - it will be raided to fund our fine democratic representatives pay raises..

  • Mr. Iowa Jun 27, 2008

    I was a huge proponent for the lottery, but it now needs to go away. In the 2 years it's been aroud it's become too tempting for these guys to stay away, Republican and Democrat alike. Either use the funds for the original purpose (scholarships and extra programs), or don't use it at all and get rid of the lottery.

    And politicians wonder why people view them as weasels- it's crud like this

  • tgw Jun 27, 2008

    Mr Berger, this time-YOU ARE WRONG!!! The way to reduce fuel costs is to reduce bus miles. And the way to reduce bus miles is community schools!! But, our friends on the left will not let that happen!!!!

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Jun 27, 2008

    This will be like DOT funds used for our meuseum because it's
    "transportation related"... payoffs to local politicians by the governor.

  • Garnerwolf1 Jun 27, 2008

    ldw - Certainly not to anyone that counts. Does anyone think that anyone in the Legislature, or even the School Board, comes here and reads this? Why would they - they know they're going to get blasted.

  • Me again Jun 27, 2008

    They should use the proceeds like everybody else and buy more lottery tickets.