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Warrant: Bloody items found in pastor's home

Posted June 26, 2008
Updated June 27, 2008

— A towel and a shoe with stains that appeared to be blood were seized from the home of a former Wake County pastor whom authorities have called a person of interest in his wife's death.

Rose Wynn, 53, was attacked and beaten at her home, at 595 E. Lake Ridge Road in Raeford, on June 4. Her 10-year-old son, Christopher, found her unconscious on the kitchen floor the next morning, and she died later that day at a nearby hospital.

Wynn's husband is the Rev. Sam Wynn, former pastor of Holland's United Methodist Church in Wake County. He recently was appointed superintendent of the Fayetteville District of the United Methodist Church, but he won't assume the role until at least September. Holland's still lists him on its Web site as its pastor.

Authorities have called Sam Wynn a person of interest in his wife's death, and a search warrant in the case details a stormy relationship between the two.

Christopher Wynn heard his parents arguing on the phone on June 3, and James Jackson, Rose Wynn's oldest son, told investigators that his mother called him crying that night to report that Sam Wynn had threatened her, according to the application for the search warrant.

The couple's marriage was strained, and they often fought over who would acquire ownership of the home in Raeford after a separation, according to the document.

When a Hoke County Sheriff's Office investigator contacted Sam Wynn on June 4 to ask him about his wife's injuries, Wynn responded, "Don't tell me she's dead," the document stated.

Blood was spattered all over the kitchen and enclosed rear porch of the Raeford home after Rose Wynn was attacked, and a search of a home owned by Holland's United Methodist Church where Sam Wynn lived part-time turned up a towel and a shoe with stains that looked like blood, the document stated.

Investigators also found a $100,000 life insurance policy on Rose Wynn – her husband was listed as the beneficiary – and a deed to the Raeford house during a search of the church-owned house, according to the document.


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  • dsmothers4 Jul 1, 2008

    Any day now, hopefully the person will be charged. We received an email mail yesterday that custody for the son was reinstated to Rev. Wynn. Hard to believe but I guess no choice at this point.

  • Weetie Jun 27, 2008

    "Another pathetic "Christian" claiming to be innocent." Arkansas Razorback

    Meaning what? That ALL murders, rapists, theives are Christians??? I think not. Alot of them are non-believers.

  • LOC Jun 27, 2008

    he killed her. .

  • alx Jun 27, 2008

    he is no more guilty than oj simpson

  • tarheelalum Jun 27, 2008

    The brainwashed members of his congregation will still support him. Maybe "God" told him to do it...?

  • nauticagirl501 Jun 27, 2008

    BET money next week you wont be able to find him hes going to run from the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arkansas Razorback Jun 27, 2008

    Another pathetic "Christian" claiming to be innocent.

  • Anne N Jun 27, 2008

    Well he either did it or hired someone to do it for him, either way take him away. he needs to practice what he preaches!

  • Anne N Jun 27, 2008

    He is freakin guilty and people (sicko's) are sticking up for him!!!! Wounder if they still would if it was there family?? The son told the police that he was threatning her and found a bloody towel and he is still a free man..SICK world we live in!

  • nanny Jun 27, 2008

    Maybe to the ones talking about arrest-maybe you should look at the statistics of criminal arrests-is the law enforcement to let them go because of race? It is disgusting-that is what everyone wants to yell-racism and sue somebody. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter the color-always has been-always will be. I'm sick of hearing discrimination-I have no problem with it-when it is justified-but it is a crutch that many use now, as well as, lawsuits.