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Amber Alert for 11-month-old canceled

Posted June 25, 2008

— North Carolina authorities have canceled an Amber Alert for an 11-month-old girl who was reported missing from York County, S.C.

The alert was issued  about 12:45 p.m. Wednesday for Macey Rae Sinclaire, who was last seen in the Catawba/Leslie area of Rock Hill, S.C. WBTV, a CBS affiliate in Charlotte, said the child was found unharmed in Lake Wateree, S.C., about an hour from where she was last seen.

Authorities had also been looking for the girl's father, Casey Sinclaire, 27, who they said abducted her, but it was not immediately clear whether he had been detained.

He is being charged with a count of use of a vehicle without owner's permission; and there might be further charges, authorities said. The case is still under investigation.

No further descriptions about the case were immediately available.


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  • SheriffTruman Jun 25, 2008

    I can't remember a recent Amber Alert that was not cancelled. And by cancelled, I do not mean after whatever dangerous circumstance was stopped by the authorities. Seems all of them lately have just been errors.

    I also think the fact that they stopped putting info up on the highway boards is a boneheaded move. Just saying call 511 does nothign for most people as they will not call - and I assume if they did, it would probably cause an overload. Just stick the info about the vehicle back up like they used to do.

  • MrQuestions Jun 25, 2008

    "once again just another waste of the public's time by interrupting my shows!!!"

    Nice!! Here is someone with their priorities in order. I'll wager that if you have kids that they ran off to live with wolves.

  • St Ives Jun 25, 2008

    The Amber Alert system is so annoying that I mute the TV if it happens while I am watching. Maybe there is a better way to reach the public. I do agree it is becoming like the milk cartons, very over used.

  • Steve Crisp Jun 25, 2008

    The Amber Alert system has become a complete joke.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jun 25, 2008

    IT's unfortunate that the "Amber Alert" and the "Silver Alert" program is starting to be like the milk carton pictures...Let's see if we can't find some way to keep it from being that obscure, and not noticed!

  • JayJay Jun 25, 2008

    Unless they had some reason based on prior behavior to believe that the father could injure the child then it should not have been released as an amber alert. The child was not in danger.

  • Trivr Jun 25, 2008

    All this hoopla complete with special announcements on the radio for a dispute between family members in an entirely different state. It definitely needs some adjustments.

  • housemanagercary Jun 25, 2008

    If my husband's ex wife ever abducts the children, they would definitely be in danger, but you would assume that they wouldn't be because it is a "custodial dispute"? You have obviously had the luxury of never having to deal with a disturbed biological parent.

  • teacher-mom Jun 25, 2008

    As far as I can see there is going to be a lot of room for abuse with the Amber alert. You cannot assume a parent will not harm a child. Just last week a father killed his own son and daughter.

    I do not know what the answer is for this. I would rather have it abused than not used when needed.

    There should be some penalty for misuse like the incident in Smithfield (or was it the Salma area).

  • djofraleigh Jun 25, 2008

    Second after being a CHILD, the next premise of the amber alert is abduction or the child being in danger.

    I'd like to change that to abduction by non-custodial parent, grandparent, or sibling.

    If in danger, then it wouldn't matter if it were the mother with the child.

    What is "in danger?" Does danger include being up past bedtime, or does it mean physical harm? What about emotional trauma? Does abduction of a baby automatically mean danger? What about a teen who voluntarily gets into the non-custodial dad's car? Is that abduction, and is it a danger?

    Almost all these amber alerts have been runaways, as I can recall. Amber Alerts are not for runaways, but how does one know a missing child has runaway?

    Someone keep an account.

    Amber alert - teen taken at knifepoint, found OK in Texas, where they announced they were going. No more story given than that.

    Amber alert - baby taken by man of the same name and right age for father. Cancelled a couple of hours later - no explanat