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Nash twins home safe after drowning scare

Posted June 25, 2008

— A Nash County mother and father had a happy reunion Wednesday with their 3-year-old twins following a terrifying weekend experience.

Tracey and Tony Hickson were moving into their house near Rocky Mount on Sunday when their boys slipped away and nearly drowned in a backyard swimming pool that they had been unable to reach before. The family had not had a chance to childproof their pool.

Authorities said that their mother's quick thinking helped save the boys' lives.

Joshua and Jacob Hickson were treated at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville. Joshua returned home Tuesday, and the hospital released Jacob on Wednesday.

"It's like a dream," Tracey Hickson said. "I can't believe God spared their lives."


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  • Fiddlemom Jun 26, 2008

    As many of you have mentioned, you HAVE to watch your kids at all times. We installed an inground pool when our three sons were 5,2, and one yet unborn. The six foot fence and lock when up the same day. Our sons are now 21, 25, and 28 and can all swim like fish. Just last evening my husband and I taught our six year old granddaugter to jump off the diving board and even though she has been 'practicing' for some time she nor her brother nor any other child over the years have never been in the deep end without an adult swimmer being a few inches away. So far we have had no tragedies (knock on wood).. The key is to keep it locked and always keep an adult swimmer nearby in the water but first and foremost teach these kids to swim at an EARLY age! Always have flotation devices nearby and always have RULES that everyone must abide by.

  • mojokitty Jun 26, 2008

    All we have heard about in the news before this is "mom wraps child so tightly that he dies" , mom and dad "tie child out to a tree, child dies" THIS is a story about a mom that took time to learn CPR in order to be PROACTIVE in a situation such as this, and USED that skill to help SAVE her babies!! HOW can anyone condemn her for that? Do you ever let your child play in thier room ALONE? Accidents can heppen there. Have you ever watched your child swing on a swingset, jump off and have the air knocked out of them, fall from a tree and break and arm.. EVEN when you watch them like a hawk, things happen.. this mom was not prepared for her children to jump into the pool and ALMOST drown, but she was prepared and alert enought to GET THEM OUT and HELP SAVE THEM.. This is a POSITIVE story, stop trying to make it NEGATIVE! GOOD JOB MOM.. I hope you have encouraged others to do what is necessary to be prepared to take care of their children!

  • something2say Jun 25, 2008

    For the most part you can only live for about 6 minutes without air. So obviously these children were not under water very long. My guess is one little guy jumped in and the other jumped in to "save" him. That mom was listening out for her children as she did what she could to move! I imagine she felt it was better for them to be out and play than cooped up on a nice day! New to the area means no babysitters yet either!

    I am a swim instructor and it is never to early to start teaching kids about water safety. The first and most important rule is that a child should never go in water without a grown up! Yep, grownups that means at the beach, pool and lake, you have to be within arms reach! Second rule is never get in the water without a buddy! Yes, parents, you can not sit on the side of the pool but need to be in it! Follow these rules yourself and your child will learn to follow them with or without you there.

  • St Ives Jun 25, 2008

    Lets get real here and lose the vail of judge and jury. I for one am glad they are alright.

  • food4thought Jun 25, 2008

    WOW... you people are rough... kids can slip away from you in a second and while moving into a house... no supermom could keep up with all of that going on at once! That being said, the parents should put a padlock with a KEY on the gate so that only adults can open it. They need to lock it anytime they are not within arms reach!
    Charging her with neglect is a bit much. She was obviously not neglecting them because if the children were in the pool A LONG time, they would NOT have survived.
    Also- lots of people buy houses with pools and want pools. In fact, I have been in a local pool store where people come into the store who are new to the area and ask if they know of any houses with pools for sale! So to whoever was saying that no one wants to buy a house with a pool.. you are wrong. I know people that have bought the house just because it had a pool. You need to teach your children how to respect that water and when they are old enough they should attend CPR training.

  • Tarheeljunior Jun 25, 2008

    Seriously, this mom deserves some kudos and not all this negativity. How many people wouldn't not know how to revive a child they found drowning? Not everyone is CPR trained. As for how the kids got into the pool, no one will ever know and assumptions are unfair. This mom did however pull out her TWO drowning children and manage to revive them both! That is no small task. Accidents happen. She was alert enough to notice them missing before it was too late and had to the cool to help them both while her husband called 911. I would say those twins are lucky to have her as a mom right now. One of many other moms and they might not be here right now...

  • JAT Jun 25, 2008

    so I guess whatever a 7 year old wants, a 7 year old gets?? Wow - good parenting skills at play there! No one needs to get a pool. And if you ever try selling a house w/a pool, no one wants to buy it.

    yes, pegasis, we all need to learn....how to watch our kids. This woman and man obviously didn't - letting them roam the house unwatched for who knows how long. That is NOT what parents should do.

  • baileysmom3 Jun 25, 2008

    children can get away from you really quick once they start to walk. i am glad she knew CPR. we all need to learn

  • mmafighterwife Jun 25, 2008

    It was an accident, kids can get gone in a second. The mother stated the gate was locked and the kids could not open it so she thought,even the smallest kids can amaze you sometimes. This is not a case of neglect or poor judgement it is nothing more than an accident that ended happily. My family just put up a pool and I have a two year old that can climb a ladder and nothing scares her. I did not want to get the pool in the first place but I have a 7 year old that wanted it and my biggest fear is her getting out of my sight and climbing the ladder and jumping in,so we make it a habit to take the ladder out or place inside the pool but accidents can happen to anyone nobody is a perfect parent like I said in one second your life could change. Thank God the out come for this family and I pray the boys will continue to be safe.

  • whocares Jun 25, 2008

    People are always accusing others of being neglectful, but how many of you have lost your children in the mall or in a store. I have seen children crying because they could not find their parents. Give the lady a break. She saved the children's lives.