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Suspect arrested in Raleigh shooting

Posted June 25, 2008
Updated September 30, 2008

— Police on Wednesday charged a man in a recent shooting that left one woman dead and a man injured.

Jay Cee Flippen, 21, was already in custody at the Wake County Jail on unrelated charges when he was arrested Wednesday, police said. His last known address was not released.

Flippen is charged with one count of murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

The charges stem from the June 10 shooting death of 21-year-old Ryan Nicole Bryant at South Blount and Lee streets. Jermaine Shawon Tyson, 17, was also shot, but his injuries were non-life-threatening.

Witnesses said Bryant and Tyson were standing on the sidewalk at the intersection when the shooting occurred. Many said they initially thought the gunshots were firecrackers going off.

Bryant lived on Lee Street. She was the mother of a 6-year-old boy, neighbors said.

Police continue to investigate the case.


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  • Mo Jun 25, 2008

    When 1/4 of a particular demographic of society is under the review of the legal justice system, something is very wrong. But no one wants to talk about it, so nothing changes. Maybe our new president will not be afraid to talk about it! Not sure there is an answer though...there's just too much baggage in the country that we can't let go of.

  • catalyst74 Jun 25, 2008

    Let's play the game where we all point our fingers at what crime each race seems to commit the most! Now that you realize how ridiculous you sound, why don't we just let the police get the bad "people" off the streets, so these criminals can just get slapped on the wrists and sent back out into society to rinse and repeat.

  • Demented Jun 25, 2008

    The only government involvement that's needed is someone to perform the lethal injection. That applies to all these murderers, regardless of race, shoe size, or astrological sign. The one good thing about murder-suicide cases is that the perp's criminal career is instantly finished. Most of the others live on to hurt or kill again.

  • mikc727 Jun 25, 2008

    I'm sure that the answer should be more government involvement and even greater social welfare programs. It has worked so well thus far!

  • NCAries Jun 25, 2008

    Touche Meme!! I love it.

  • MEME1180 Jun 25, 2008

    I dont think its Taboo to discuss what you feel, but if you sit back and judge "those group of people" then theres a problem. It seems like a certian group of people are also in the news quite often for murder suicides, murdering their kids, school massacres and meth labs. But I want judge.

  • Just the facts mam Jun 25, 2008

    It is the same people over and over committing these types of crimes - there seems to be a pattern here, but it is taboo to discuss it.