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Gas prices mean law officers changing operations

Posted June 24, 2008

— Area law enforcement agencies are making changes in the way they operate in an effort to reduce their fuel spending.

In Youngsville, where fuel costs are $5,000 more than expected for the squad of seven, Officer Brad Pearce has started patrolling the town on bicycle.

"It's a lot more interactive, because when you see people you, you don't have a car in between you and them," Pearce said.

In larger metropolitan areas, law enforcement agencies like the Wake County Sheriff's Office have spent the past several years transitioning to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

"We try to conserve," Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "We try to stay in the middle of our (patrol) zones a lot."

Raleigh police investigators are starting to use hybrid cars.

Several other area police departments say they're doing what Youngsville is doing and sending more officers out on foot patrol.

Many also are encouraging officers not to leave their cars idling.


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  • lizard Jun 25, 2008

    Vote for liberals and we'll have plenty of gas. LOL

  • thepeopleschamp Jun 25, 2008

    Law Enforcement is the most visible department of govt there is so it's easy to pick on them because they are so visible. If you want to see true waste you should see the what goes on at higher levels that is not so visible. I can't believe poeple are whining about an officer eating lunch at a Wendy's with his wife, so what? It seems almost fashionable now to come down on the police. Why don't you follow them to their next domestic call and while they are trying to hall a violent drunk out of a house without hurting him go and complain about that lunch at
    Wendy's to them.

  • obamasucks Jun 25, 2008

    In response to pschevy: There was not a k-9 in this car--I would never expect an officer to cut the car off if there was. In response to jgirl5830: Maybe you should read my post before you respond. Both times the car was EMPTY. I was in Wendy's for at least 45 minutes, the car was sitting there when I went in and still there when I came out. I don't expect LE to sit in a hot car with no AC, my problem is when they are NOT sitting in the car, but leave it running with the AC on. That IS a waste of taxpayers money.

  • 1Rx4FN Jun 25, 2008

    I wonder if this will increase the number of motorcycle officers on a force? Also, what hybrid cars they will start to purchase since they purchase American cars? The Malibu is one car that comes to mind. I don't think Ford/Chrysler have a car model yet available. I hope they don't look into the hybrid Tahoe - ~$51K.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Jun 25, 2008

    Some of you are ridiculous. My husband has been a LEO for 23 years and just had to move to another department closer to home due to the fact his department wanted to charge him 504.00 month to drive his car home. He was on call 24/7, so driving his POV was his only option, not a problem, until he gets a call at 3:00am needing him there asap....not gonna happen in his POV. You really need to thank before you speak. Especially now you may actually need a cop and the nearest one is 10 miles away and has to pedal to you....good luck with that!

  • jgirl5830 Jun 25, 2008

    pcdo422, like i said in my other post, their car is their office, do you go to work on a day where its 90+ and sit there with no a/c on to conserve, i doubt it so why do you expect LE to sit in a hot car all day? as far as lunch goes maybe he only had a few minutes to eat, does he not deserve to do what he wants on his lunch break? What a crime he was eating lunch....with his wife no less!!! if he were to have gone in to Wendys to eat his lunch I'm sure someone out there would be complaining about how thats not the best use for their tax dollars.

  • smalldogsrule Jun 25, 2008

    All you who are complaining about police cars that are idling, before spouting off, take a good CLOSE look at the car. If it is branded with K-9 emblem, there is a dog in the car that requires the air conditioning to be left on so he or she won't DIE. GATHER ALL YOUR FACTS BEFORE PASSING JUDGEMENT!!!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 25, 2008

    Some people give government a hard time about being slow to act, yet here is an example that counters that opinion. This government entity is acting progressively and changing their behavior based our new, seemingly permanent situation. As a result, they are saving us money as well as natural resources (read less dependence on foreign oil).

    So, what are you doing to keep up? :-)

  • obamasucks Jun 25, 2008

    "We try to conserve," Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "We try to stay in the middle of our (patrol) zones a lot."

    Well, no they do not try to conserve. About a month ago, there was a deputy car parked outside my work window, running-with the AC on, for over 4 hours. My officemate called the sheriff's department and was told he was 'serving'. Last week, a co-worker of mine and I went to lunch and saw the same car parked at the local Wendy's, once again running with the AC on, while the officer was inside eating lunch with his wife/gf. Seems to me, that is not the best use of our tax dollars.

  • jgirl5830 Jun 25, 2008

    irish, did it ever occur to you that maybe they were "chit chatting" about what is going on at work? Why do you automatically assume they were slacking off? Were you in the car listening to the conversation? Their cars are their offices, they have computers and do their paper work, and talk with their co workers about work!! Is that so hard to comprehend? And sorry but if i were working in 95 degree weather i don't think i would shut my car off and die of the heat, none of you would either.