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Fayetteville council supports annexing Fort Bragg

Posted June 19, 2008

— The Fayetteville City Council approved a resolution Wednesday night that supports an annexation plan that would make it North Carolina's fifth-largest city.

The plan would make 85 percent of Fort Bragg officially part of the city. The remaining part of the post would become part of Spring Lake.

The bill is making its way through the state General Assembly with a suggested implementation date of June 30.

The addition would increase Fayetteville's population from about 168,000 to about 206,000.

Spring Lake would gain 5,000 residents, a jump of more than 50 percent from its population of about 8,000 in the 2000 census.

Fayetteville Mayor Tony Chavonne said the case is unique because annexation usually adds to a city's tax base and need for services. Fort Bragg, as federal property, is exempt from taxes and already has its own services, such as fire and police protection.

The move would allow the post to connect to the water supply from the Fayetteville Public Works Commission, however.

The new border would be the same one that historically had divided Pope Air Force Base from the Army post, Fayetteville City Manager Dale Iman said.

The portion of the post that was previously Air Force property would be annexed by Spring Lake; the former Army property is to become part of Fayetteville.


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  • whatelseisnew Jun 19, 2008

    I think Fayetteville should annex the entire state of north carolina. Then they can start working annexing portions of neighboring states.

  • NeverSurrender Jun 19, 2008

    "Fayetteville keeps annexing more land to supply more tax revenue, but then they can't afford to supply services to the areas they annex, to they have to annex more. It's like a bad pyramid scheme."


    If tax revenue were the reasoning, it'd be pointless in this case...a federal installation is by definition free of tax from subordinate jurisdictions (McCulloch v. Maryland has been upheld since 1819) which even the reporter acknowledges.

    One thing I've not seen commented upon is that the only entity supporting such an annexation is the Fayetteville City Council. Unless the Federal government cares to cede Fort Bragg to Fayetteville, the idea is a complete non-starter.

    As far as I know, the Federal government has been silent on this matter.

  • CaptainSpleen Jun 19, 2008

    Fayetteville keeps annexing more land to supply more tax revenue, but then they can't afford to supply services to the areas they annex, to they have to annex more. It's like a bad pyramid scheme.

  • dpknc84 Jun 19, 2008

    This makes no sense. Of course it's Fayetteville after all.

  • Travised Jun 19, 2008

    This is illogical. Turning federal property into CITY? Are we trying to make our soldiers unarmed if they have to follow city law (did the council even THINK of that?) How about Security for the Base? Is City going to be nice and MAINTAIN the base roads, buildings, and systems (laugh) all of a sudden?

    You can't just "claim" federal property that is owned and operated by the DoD

  • Harvey Jun 19, 2008

    All you base... are belong to us. :-)

  • housemanagercary Jun 19, 2008

    Fayetteville fixing the barracks? what?

  • TheAdmiral Jun 19, 2008

    I want to congratulate Fayetteville for accepting and taking the responsibility for fixing the barracks that were placed on YouTube.

  • ghimmy51 Jun 19, 2008

    Simple choice: no loss, no gain, but larger population = increased federal money.

  • ohmygosh Jun 19, 2008

    Fayetteville politicians seem to think that annexations will solve all their problems. In fact, it will only add to them. The need to look inward to solve the real problems with Fayetteville. The future costs of present annexations are going to strangle Fayetteville ever further.