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More people are pumping without paying

Posted June 16, 2008

— As prices at the pump rise, more people are driving off without paying for gas.

In Raleigh, 58 reports of gas drive-offs were reported this year. In response, a police spokesperson said many gas stations are requiring customers to pay before pumping, but not every station has that technology.

"It (gas) is too high. It's ridiculous,” motorist Ron Miles said.

According to AAA, the average price of gas in Raleigh is $3.99. Last year, at this time, it was $2.95.

“My parents live in Virginia and I used to visit them at least once a month and now it's every six weeks and I try to coax them to come down her to try and save some money," motorist Stephanie Jackson said.

Cary police say a gas drive-off was reported at a Shell Gas station on Chapel Hill Road and at a Citgo station on Harrison Avenue.

After a gas station on Maynard Road was hit several times by people driving off without paying, it started making motorists pay before pumping. A gas station clerk said the company was losing nearly $500 a day from gas drive-offs.

“Not surprised when it hits you – $50, $60 (or) $70 to fill a tank,” motorist Audun Runde said of the spike in drive-offs.

A U-Haul facility on Chatham Street recently discovered empty tanks on trucks that had a full-tank the night before. The owner reported about $150 worth of gas siphoned.

"I can believe it. If you can't pay for it, you got to get it somehow,” motorist Stephanie Jackson said.

"It's leaving people in a bad situation, but that's still not justification for doing that (driving-off)," Miles said.

The U.S. Energy Department said last week that gas prices would likely stay at about $4 per gallon through much of next year.


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  • tarheelblue919 Jun 18, 2008

    they didnt post my first half, as for the debt, drug test anyone who is getting government assistance. if they dont pass no assistance. believe me if they wanted to get outta debt, there are ways!

  • tarheelblue919 Jun 18, 2008

    without passing the responsibility to the taxpayers for getting us outta this mess. as americans we have responsibilities, thats FINE, but i'm just saying that if our leaders actually TRYED, and WANTED to get outta debt, it seems like they would think of ways to do it that were productive! i just dont see where our government are actually working at this whole debt problem, but i do see where our government isnt using their common sense and education. but aaannnnyway! go pay your gas prices with a big smile!

  • AshleyandJoeCarson Jun 17, 2008

    (Worland...) Well we dont live in Europe do we... So if you prefer to pay $9.50 a gallon go there.. but here in America we would like to see our gas prices come down because it is CRAZY!!!

  • Travised Jun 17, 2008

    HJRVS, I was mentioning the BMW as an option compared to todays gas guzzlers. If they use a modern 250CC it most likely would get even better MPG. A single person doesn't need a large rig. All of the stats were from the original version.

  • Obscurite Jun 17, 2008

    "I am confused?? In 2006 we were told that the Democrats could fix gas prices if they got power back. Gas has actually doubled! So what happened?" HJRVS

    lol...I smell a troll. I have to say that anyone who thinks that a single digit advantage in Congress is "in Power" doesn't know much about how the Legislative Branch works.


  • meh_whatever Jun 17, 2008


    I really DO think that there are people out there who refuse to cut back, and do live way beyond their means. There are many more of them than there are people who are just too incredibly poor to buy any gas to get to work.

    There are always answers, for people who take the time to seek them.

    How many people who are complaining about gas prices run high cellular bills each month and have cable TV? Do they need it? Nope.

    A prepaid cell phone for emergencies (instead of a land line), and cancel the cable... watch network TV.

    Read a book.

    Cook at home only, and on a tight budget. Eat PB&J (I've done it, and I didn't starve).

    Where there is a will, there's usually a way.

    I'm not saying people should suffer, but if suffering is no cable TV and no McDonald's, people need to take a look at the starving citizens of 3rd world countries for a little perspective.

  • meh_whatever Jun 17, 2008


    You make these comments with the presumption that I myself have never had to choose between 2 or 3 things that I need in order to get buy. I've been as poor as a church mouse, believe me.

    I don't think that the general public are ENTITLED to cheap gas, though.

    I do not know whether the answer is to have the government subsidize gas for low income families in the same way that food is subsidized via food stamps, but I do know that there are PLENTY of people out there who can afford to cut back in order to put gas in their tanks, but they prefer to whine about how much gas is costing, almost as if we are entitled to low prices.

    We aren't.

    Our country is in severe debt, largely due to this ridiculous 'war' in Iraq.

    I support our troops, because they are doing their jobs, but I do not support the current administration, and I cannot help but think that if we'd not dug ourselves into this deficit of trillions of dollars, we'd ALL be in better financial shape.

  • john60 Jun 17, 2008

    Not only are European countries smaller than the US, their population densities are much higher and their development patterns did not spread out as we did. Their rail systems always carried people as much as they did freight, and after WWII they continued adding to it rather than building a lot of roads into the countryside.

    We're not the same; it's silly to keep comparing their fuel prices to ours. Fuel costs are hurting Europeans too, though; I read last week that the French Navy had to dock half their ships so the other half could have enough fuel to go out for training.

  • HJRVS Jun 17, 2008

    Travised - huh? So you want us to drive a tuna can that goes 53? Have you ever driven on the highway?

    Go back to sleep...

  • tarheelblue919 Jun 17, 2008

    well "whatever", make that comment to a family who is choosing between gas to get to work or food for the family, or someone who is having to choose which bills are going to be late, or whats gonna be cut off so they can buy groceries. i have walked in those shoes, i know how it feels, my family has been blessed to recover from such hard financial struggle, but there ARE people CHOOSING which NEEDS, not wants, but NEEDS are the most important. if you dont put gas in the tank to get to work no more money comes in ya loose your job, all the while, WE, AMERICA are sending money to OTHER COUNTRIES to help those people in need. we always made $20.00 LITERALLY to much for any assistance here, but yet immigrants come and get hand outs left n right and they dont put nothing back in the system! come on now, everyone here should be held to the same responsibilitys no matter where ya came from, legal or not, if you GET from the system GIVE to the system....i could go for days i'm just gonna stop