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Granville students' pledge: Will run for votes

Posted June 12, 2008
Updated October 17, 2011

— Though they aren't old enough to vote, a group of six students from Granville Central High School hopes to make a big difference in this year's election.

In an effort to boost voter turnout, they are pledging to run in every state in the continental United States. Teachers Jonathon Williams and Diane Hineline are leading the non-partisan effort called “Run to Vote."

“We are trying to sign people up to get people out in this very important 2008 election,” Williams said.

“And if they are already registered, (we want) to get them to pledge to vote in the election,” Hineline added.

The group plans to drive to each state in the continental U.S. for a registration rally. For every person they register to vote, someone in the group will run a quarter-mile. Their goal is to register 200 people per stop.

Stephanie Sutherland said she is thrilled about the adventure.

“I want to see the other side of the country,” she said.

Ian Morris said his parents took some convincing to allow him to go on the two-month trek. He won them over, though.

“They trust the teachers and they trust what I’m doing is worthwhile,” he said.

The group’s route is plotted on their Web site, runtovote.com, but they've hit some roadblocks. They've raised some money, but not enough. Until recently, they still had no vehicle to make the trip.

“So, I actually ended up taking pretty much all of my savings and buying a van that we can take with the intention of selling it at the end of the summer,” Hineline said. “Living here in the United States, we take for granted a lot of times the lifestyle that we have, and I think we all have to do something to protect that lifestyle.”

The group kicks off the trip Saturday with a voter registration rally in Raleigh at Fleet Feet Sports on Wade Avenue.

The Run to Vote crew will chronicle their trip with live blogs on GOLO – WRAL.com's online community.


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  • Tin Nutt Jun 12, 2008


    I would love to see informed people vote to reduce spending AND taxes together. What I can't bear to watch is deficit spending that merely pushes our country deeper into the hole. Both Dem and Rep candidates are currently proposing plans that would create a budget deficit. Yes I want a tax cut, but along with spending cuts to get this country back on the right track to fiscal responsibility.

  • billis Jun 12, 2008


    That's exactly why I'm voting. We pay to much in taxes now and the money is mostly wasted on pet projects and other pork spending. Let the people take care of themselves. I'm tired of Americans not taking responsibility for their actions.

  • l-rae17 Jun 12, 2008

    Catman - didn't say they weren't important, but this group is non-partisan. However, no doubt they are knowledgeable about the candidates. Honestly, the issues don't matter anyway, since it's all a bunch of bull anyway. The only words in Obama's vocabulary are hope and change (boy, that's original), just like money and freedom for George Bush.

  • Granny Jun 12, 2008

    I pray you have safe travel and I think what you are doing (& your parents are allowing you to do) is a good thing, we need more young people involved in our government issues, after all you are our future!

  • They call me CATMAN Jun 12, 2008

    djofraleigh right on. I want to know how the candidates come down on these issues. l-rae17 why are these thing's not important to voters.

  • Tin Nutt Jun 12, 2008

    Do we really want to encourage more people to vote? At least could we do a poll test to make sure people are knowledgeable about the candidates and issues before they are allowed to vote? The last thing democracy needs is voters that are only interested in voting themselves a tax cut.

  • headlong Jun 12, 2008

    djofraleigh...They are Non-Partisan. They are not saying who to vote for...just VOTE!!!

  • Heatherbrook Jun 12, 2008

    Have a safe trip

  • Lady Jun 12, 2008

    this is so cool....

  • l-rae17 Jun 12, 2008

    DJ - that seriously wasn't necessary.

    And knowing Mrs. Hineline, those kids probably DO know alot of that stuff - probably 10x more than most of the adults around here. She's a fabulous, inspiring teacher.