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Driver charged with DWI after SUV flips on Interstate 40

Posted June 10, 2008
Updated June 11, 2008

— A wreck between two Chevrolet Suburbans caused significant traffic backups on both sides of Interstate 40 in Durham overnight Tuesday and resulted in drunk-driving charges against one woman.

The two Suburbans were traveling side-by-side in the eastbound lanes of I-40 past Exit 276, Fayetteville Road,  around 10:30 p.m. when Margaret Whitener Savidge, 45, attempted to change lanes.

Savidge's vehicle struck one driven by Michelle Slusser Shearer, of Fayetteville. Savidge's Suburban flipped over the median and landed in the westbound lanes.

Savidge was transported to Duke Medical Center and Shearer to UNC Hospitals. Officials said both women sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Police charged Savidge, of 1305 Sadler Court in Raleigh, with driving while impaired and an improper lane change.

Traffic cameras showed traffic backing up on both sides of the highway shortly after the wreck. Authorities opened one westbound lane within an hour, and the scene appeared to be mostly cleared by 12:30 a.m.


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  • 68_polara Jun 11, 2008

    Want to see dangerous? Tow a boat or something heavy with a vehicle with out much weight now THAT is a hazard to everyone else on the road. The problem is that why do we see single people commuting in such vehicles? Although I've been seeing much less of it lately.

  • Boogereater Jun 11, 2008

    TGW. I don't agree with restricting any type of vehicle but you are wrong about not getting hurt becasue it was a SUV. Larger trucks have more weight and therefore have more momentum. A smaller car can be more in control at higher speeds. Do you see anyone racing Suburbans? No. The problem is when you have an SUV vs. a small car. I think there should be some kind of limit set in place. maybe not size but weight for safety of the smaller cars. That would help even things out on the highway.

  • bluewater Jun 11, 2008

    Since you can't give those tanks away they may benefit from the insurance if they were totaled.

  • Slip Kid Jun 11, 2008

    tgw - excellent points! I don't know where we are getting these kinds of socialist idiots. Maybe it's the public school system? Anyway, it's the lazy perosn who thinks RESTRICTING freedom is the best way to CONTROL life. jeeeeeeezzz!

  • RocknRollDoctor Jun 11, 2008

    (L)aw (E)nforcement (O)fficer

  • momeeee Jun 11, 2008

    What's a LEO?

  • Adelinthe Jun 11, 2008

    Some of us will never learn, will we.

    Praying for both of these women.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • RocknRollDoctor Jun 11, 2008

    Everyone ride Harley's? No way.

    Think of the poor cows who would have to give their life to supply all that leather. How much metal would be wasted chaining our wallets? Plus, some people don't look good in black and haven't developed a taste for insects.

  • purplerado Jun 11, 2008

    Glad the drivers were ok. I drove right by the overturned vehicle soon after it happened and from the number of emergency vehicles I imagined it was much worse. Goes to show how very selfish it is to think it's ok to drink and drive. A lot of people were inconvenienced and someone could've been killed.

  • davido Jun 11, 2008

    I drove by this last night, and the flipped SUV looked pretty scary. Glad to hear both are going to be OK!