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Raleigh shooting victims identified

Posted June 10, 2008
Updated June 11, 2008

— A woman was killed and a man injured in what residents described as a drive-by in downtown Raleigh on Tuesday night.

Officers responding to calls about shots fired found a woman lying in the road near South Blount and Lee streets shortly before 8:30 p.m., said Jim Sughrue, a spokesman for Raleigh police. Ryan Nicole Bryant, 21, died from gunshot wounds.

Jermaine Shawon Tyson, 17, was also shot, but his injuries were non-life-threatening, Sughrue said.

Residents told WRAL that the shooting was a drive-by, and the victims were standing on the sidewalk at the intersection when it occurred. Many said they initially thought the gunshots were firecrackers going off.

Bryant  lived on Lee Street. She was the mother of a six-year-old boy, neighbors said.

Police released the names of the victims Wednesday, and Sugrue said the investigation was continuing.


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  • whatusay Jun 11, 2008

    Eliminate welfare and in one generation crime will be greatly reduced.. Women will stop having children they can not support. The family values will return as a man and a woman will get married before having children. They will work to support the children and teach them acceptable moral behaviors. What we have today is chaos..no parental control, nothing but criminals looking for an easy way to kill and rob honest working people.

  • oftenbad Jun 11, 2008

    The 17 year old was a documented blood gang member. Think he may have been the target?

  • Coach K is GREAT Jun 11, 2008

    All donating money will cause is more hands out for more... I have no pity on people that don't want to go out and EARN an HONEST dollar!


    Who cares who it was, Iam sure no one that takes the time to post in here knows them.

  • majorme Jun 11, 2008

    Why is it when one person dies it merely starts a controversy,
    but when an entire plan goes down the world morns together.
    why! ! ? ?
    I will tell you why, One black girl very few can relate to,
    so she merely causes a dabate. On a plane anyone could have been on it so we can all relate.
    The resolution starts in your own heart with faith in GOD and love for fellow mankind. QUIT JUDGING each other and figure out how you can help. We are not all cut out to work in the soup kitchen, but maybe to tudor an underpriviladge child, or donating money to support programs. A pesimistic attitude will get us NOWHERE! STOP HATING AND BLAMING EACH OTHER AND THE GOVERNMENT! Looking the mirror and in your heart and ask what you can do. Even one prayer is an effort!

  • foetine Jun 11, 2008

    now it's no longer a Downtown killing. Guess they don't want to scare away all that downtown condo ads.

  • FamMon Jun 11, 2008


    "FamMon - How old are you?"

    The FamilyMon is 40.

    "Have you lived long enough to understand that social reform through the govt has failed and getting worse as time goes by?"

    What's the alternative? Grass roots? Where does your grass root? I don't belong to a church or social institution, so I'll keep pestering politicians.

    "Wake up folks! The govt ain't gona get it done for us."

    What is "it"?

  • whatusay Jun 11, 2008

    bobashepfree...and where do all these moral attributes you describe come from? Not from a single mother on drugs, never been to a church, or not knowing who your father is. But, waiting by the mailbox every month end for your government check is definitely not the answer.

  • YeaOh Jun 11, 2008

    FamMom - How old are you? Have you lived long enough to understand that social reform through the govt has failed and getting worse as time goes by? Wake up folks! The govt ain't gona get it done for us.

  • nisa-pizza Jun 11, 2008

    Sorry Coach K, that was meant for NCwebguy.