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Warren dress code limits colors

Posted June 10, 2008

— Students will return to Warren County schools this fall in standard colors, the school board decided Monday night.

Under the new dress code, bottoms must be black, navy or khaki; tops must be white, light blue or a designated school color. Shirt tails must be tucked in, undergarments can not be visible and clothes that are too baggy or too tight are prohibited.

The dress code takes effect when school resumes in August.

School administrators said they believe the dress code will discourage "gang-like" activity, in which students identify with groups by wearing certain colors and logos.

"I could imagine, if you go into a restroom and you see someone dressed all in a certain color – I would be sort of reluctant to go in," Warren County High School Principal Joyce Long said.

Some parents have been against the dress code from the start.

"It's not a private school. It's a public school, and I buy my clothes for my children," parent Christine Dunham said. "I don't think they have a right to tell me what to buy."


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  • something2say Jun 10, 2008

    There is a dress code at every school but unfortunately most schools do little to enforce it. As a result we have kids dressing like hoods, gangsters, prostitutes. Some even wear PJ's to school! I live close to a middle school and am amazed at how these kids are dressed when they get out of their parents cars! Come on Mom, make that girl cover her tush!!!

    I hope Warren County finds a way to truly enforce the dress code/uniform. If it works, I hope all Public Schools follow this. There is a reason most private schools use uniforms. Maybe somebody from DPI should explore this!?!?

  • LibertarianTechie Jun 10, 2008

    jtp755, right on!

  • sumpinlikedat Jun 10, 2008

    Having come from the Chicago Public School system, where just about all schools have the navy pants, shorts, or skirt/white collared shirt uniform, I have to say I wish they'd do that in EVERY school system. It has very little to do with gangs and EVERYTHING to do with equality in the schools. Those complaining about the financial hardship, I spent approximately $150 and had uniforms enough for my daughter's ENTIRE YEAR. That includes enough pants, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters for the winter (which in Chicago is actually COLD) and enough shorts and shirts for the warmer months without having to wash but once a week.

    Uniforms negate the arguments with your kid on what to wear, which they obviously need some guidance on anyway. They also keep half the school from being walking billboards and the other half being a laughingstock.

  • iamforjustice Jun 10, 2008

    Clothes don't make a gang. There will be gangs even if everyone is buck nekkid. These street gangs are fueled by demons not clothes. I had to stop going to my favorite supermarket in Raleigh because of gang activity. Comparefoods. They didn't bother me per se but I would see them bothering others. I used to have some gang banging friends but I had to cut them off when I got saved.

  • Scarecrow Cow Jun 10, 2008

    I'm all for anything that cuts down on gang activity, even slightly. Plus, it will keep teen girls from dressing like hoochies.

  • MarcoPolo Jun 10, 2008

    Wake Co should do this.

  • mrsvidivan2 Jun 10, 2008

    Yes, uniforms would be a great idea! School is for learning not fashion.

  • jtp755 Jun 10, 2008

    I have to give it to gangs though....if America or any country for that matter could come together and be a family like they do then we would have a totally different country. There wouldnt be any of the stupid stuff that goes on these days.

  • housemanagercary Jun 10, 2008

    I think its a great idea. Parents whose kids have come home crying because they didn't have the "right" clothes, should be happy!

  • jtp755 Jun 10, 2008

    First off ive been to 2 schools where we were required to wear uniforms. I hated it for the first couple of weeks but i grew to love it and now i wish it was like that everywhere. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. You can sleep longer cause you dont have to get up and think about who am i going to impress today, will i look better than so and so, what will he/she think of me if i wear this. Haha everyone will be the same so theres no im better than you junk. I say make it mandatory for ALL schools!

    Second, what is limiting the colors of clothing going to do to stop or slow down gang activity? They will just change the stupid colors to match what they can wear. They arent dumb. Even if uniforms were made mandatory the gangs will still exist and will still represent....just in a different way. They will draw on themselves or wear certain outfits together. The only way to stop it is to put more cops, not security officers (no offense) on the campuses. Lock em up!