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'Cool for Wake' program: We need fans!

Posted June 9, 2008

— Wake County's "Cool For Wake" program is out of fans and is seeking the public’s help, organizers announced Monday.

The county is asking for community support so that Cool for Wake can continue providing assistance to low-income individuals who are unable to cool their homes during extreme heat conditions.

"This is a resource that becomes unbelievably helpful for those that do not have any other way of cooling their home," Elaine Mejia, of Wake County Human Services, said Monday.

Anyone can support the program by purchasing fans and donating them to the program or by making tax-deductible monetary contributions.

“You have to be sensitive to people less fortunate in times like this and hope you can have the spirit to give and help” Kelly Lee, of Raleigh, said.

Most fans cost $10 to $15. Cool for Wake also accepts donations of gently used fans and air conditioners. Both new and used fans and air conditioners can be delivered to the Community Resources office on the first floor of the Wake County Human Services Swinburne Building, 220 Swinburne St., Raleigh.

Normally this time of year the Wake County Human Services Swinburne Building is filled with fans, but Mejia said they are essentially down to "zero."

On Monday, the program gave away 30 fans in about two hours. After they ran out, employees made an emergency run to Lowes and found all of those had already been assigned to families.

During the summer, the elderly and small children along with individuals with chronic respiratory illnesses can be negatively impacted by prolonged exposure to extreme heat.

Cool for Wake's goal is to reach out to Wake County individuals who are vulnerable to these negative effects. Many low-income households do not have air conditioning or cannot afford the increase in energy costs to cool their homes.

In a typical summer, Wake County will assist 300 to 500 households.

To make a donation to Cool for Wake, call 919-212-7083.


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  • streetfightinman Jun 10, 2008

    I think this is great help for older people but for ones that
    are lazy and wont work no fans.Wait a minute the ones that are
    lazy have airconditioning already what was I thinking

  • mcondor Jun 9, 2008

    I would donate if I could online.

    Since I live in Durham, it would cost me as much in gas as the
    fan is worth.

    They need to setup an paypal account or equivalent.

  • Not_So_Dumb Jun 9, 2008

    If they cannot afford the energy costs to cool their homes, isn't giving them a fan just rubbing their noses in it? "Hi, here is a fan. I know you cannot afford to run it, I thought you just might like to look at it for while and imagine being cool."

  • miketroll3572 Jun 9, 2008

    I hope they don't seriously think some one is gonna drive to Raleigh with a fan. The ought to have pickup points setup at multiple locations.