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Witnesses: Daughter accused of stabbing mother screamed ‘I can't take it anymore’

Posted June 8, 2008
Updated June 9, 2008

— Witnesses said Sunday that the daughter screamed "I can't take it anymore" as she allegedly stabbed her mother in Morrisville.

Police arrived at the Preston Creekside condominium complex, off Morrisville-Carpenter Road, shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday.

Neighbors called 911 after allegedly seeing Aishnakya Santhanakrishnan, 28, chasing her mother and stabbing her repeatedly with a knife outside her condo.

Officers told Santhanakrishnan to drop the knife, but when she did not, they shot her, officials said. She died after being transported to WakeMed.

“He gave a verbal command, 'drop the knife, drop the knife.' She did not. She continued to slash and stab her mother and the officer in turn fired his weapon,” Morrisville Police Chief Ira Jones said.

Her mother, Rajalakshni Cannipuphur, 58, suffered 15 to 18 lacerations on her back and chest, police said. She was listed in stable condition Sunday at WakeMed.

“Nobody gets into this business to kill anybody. That's something that we hope we never do ... never have to draw weapons. However, that's part of the job,” Jones said.

Police said the daughter worked at Duke University as a researcher. Her parents were visiting from India.

The officer who shot the daughter is on paid administrative leave as the State Bureau of Investigation reviews the incident.


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  • NCTeacher4327 Jun 9, 2008


    Evidently, your username is a question you often ask since you're evidently not paying attention to the other posts! She was a moving target and Homey Yo clearly stated that officers are trained to aim at the torso b/c it's the largest part of the body.

    Read the other comments before posting.

  • doubletrouble Jun 9, 2008

    Sad story, for the police officers envolved as well as the family. Anytime a deadly weapon is being used against another person, a cop is not going to pull out his mace, nightstick, or taser. This person was attempting to KILL another person, so the officers has to end that threat as quickly as possible, without putting themselves in danger as well. Any cop will tell you, with crazed/drugged individuals, mace isn't always 100% effective in making the subject non-combative. Bean-bag shotguns are a descent alternative in such cases(as an officer can put some distance between them and subject)-but not all departments have such in their arsenal, and that's a planned attack, not something you just show up with to subdue a person who is in the act of trying to kill another. This is truly a sad story and something the officer and parents/husband involved will need alot of prayers.

  • IDontCare Jun 9, 2008

    0 TOLERANCE: she wasn't living at home, she had her own place. Her parents were visiting her from India!

  • GetRight Jun 9, 2008

    Those asking "why did they have to shoot to kill" have had the "real" answer given several times: that's what an officer is supposed to do.

    The 2nd answer is common sense. That's what you do with a gun. The officer's 1st attempt with his gun WAS NOT TO SHOOT TO KILL. His 1st use of his weapon was the THREAT to shoot to kill. If you read the story, that did not work, so he shot and killed, just like he warned that he would.

    Good job officer!

  • SomeRandomGuy Jun 9, 2008

    "Dear Officer,

    If someone is stabbing me, please shoot them...ANYWHERE... to make them stop."

    But AIM for center mass, so you dont miss!

  • ihateliberals Jun 9, 2008

    Dear Officer,

    If someone is stabbing me, please shoot them...ANYWHERE... to make them stop.

  • FE Jun 9, 2008

    The use of "deadly force" on the part of the police officer means just that. Warning shots and "just wing 'em" exist only in the movies.

    You need to consider the fact that had the officer NOT fired his weapon, the mother could easily have been killed.


  • TheAdmiral Jun 9, 2008

    Let me ask you something those who don't understand the situation:

    Would you walk up and request that a child predator stop his act of molesting children while he or she is committing the act acceptable?

    Would you have the gall to get in and stop the predator or when he told you to evaporate - would you?

    This is what it comes down to. People not understanding that a knife wielding psychopath is not someone you can cordially have a conversation with.

  • TheAdmiral Jun 9, 2008

    "Does anyone think that the true victim is the woman who is dead?"

    Give me a break. You are implying that a raving psychopath with a knife was the real victim. I think that statement in itself shows the relativism of society. That is just unbelievable that there are people out there who think that your statement was Intelligent.

    Let me answer this to you. NO.

  • TheAdmiral Jun 9, 2008

    Well WRAL don't like me at all calling everyone who thinks that the police officers did not have the rights or privileges to shoot to kill because of an attempted murder going on when they got there.

    Fact of the matter is they were doing their job. Understanding that the daughter was STABBING her mother in the parking lot and did not follow the commands to drop the knife and then wondering why they shot to kill is well....


    If I was mauling someone and did not stop doing it when the police where there - I think I should expect bullets to start flying at me. A violent crime like that in which she was asked to stop and she continued doing it, well, she had a deadly weapon and she looked like she intended to kill her spouse - well, DUH-HUH.

    Asking the police to go up and cordially ask a person who is STABBING someone to death because that is a nice way of doing it is just plain DUMB.

    Maybe offering candy or a teddy bear would have allowed her to drop the bloody knife.