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Fans offer some relief to dogs at Wake shelter

Posted June 5, 2008

— The extreme hot weather lingering over the Triangle is hard for those without air conditioning – including about 100 dogs at the Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Center.

The dog kennel does not have air conditioning, so workers pulled out cooling fans this week. Those keep the kennel about 10 degrees cooler than outside, shelter officials said.

"It does help control the temperature," the shelter's director, Michael Williams, said. "It doesn't keep it at 72 degrees like air conditioning would, but it does help."

Some volunteers, though, claim the situation requires immediate action.

"The more heat you have in the kennels, the more diseases you're going to spread, and the more animals, dogs, you're going to put down," volunteer June Fail said. "The smell is unbearable."

The shelter will soon become more crowded, as its intake usually doubles over the summer.

Williams said no animal has died from the heat during the 12 years he has been at the shelter.

"They are bred and designed to be outside in the heat. Their bodies are able to take that," he said.

Permanent relief for the dog kennels might come in Wake County's proposed budget. It sets aside $2.3 million to install a cooling system in the dog kennels and to expand the shelter.

Fail urged the Wake County Board of Commissioners to pass the proposed budget.

"The county commissioners need to fund us because we need some help," Fail said.

Proposed improvements to the shelter will be completed in 2010.

Williams said the expansion is necessary, in part, because the shelter will start taking pets from Garner and possibly Cary, starting in July.


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  • grayboomerang Jun 6, 2008

    I'm headed over tomorrow to temper test a dog for a friend. I've pulled several out of there in the past year for rescue.

    Please, if you can make room in your home for one dog or cat...please go over and rescue an animal...it breaks my heart for these poor animals to live in extreme heat for days and then to be destroyed.

  • trinity_quickblade Jun 6, 2008

    Window units wouldn't work, as it would make it easier for people to break in. People break in to take the Rottweilers and Pittbulls. That facility is old, and needs the update badly. They are always looking for volunteers, and I'm sure would love it if an HVAC company could do the work for a reduced rate. I can only hope this story reminds people that not animals come from Petsmart ( as my neice informed me). There are plenty of animals who need a good home, and this time of year is when that need is the most urgent. They are only required to keep an animal that is brought in for 3 days. After that they can put them down. When space is at a premium...that happens more than it should. The animals up for adoption are posted on their website, http://www.wakegov.com/pets/default.htm

  • Go Georgia Tech Jun 6, 2008

    there are numerous government owned buildings that are no longer being used for one reason or another. (Most in older downtown settings) how come they can't snag the units out of those and reuse them? The cost would be better-- wouldn't it?

  • Clinton Jun 6, 2008

    Another question -

    Would an AC contractor be able to get some kind of tax write-off or something for donating their time, resources, etc to install a permanent unit? Could that be considered a charitable donation??

  • Clinton Jun 6, 2008

    You know what would be better than putting in an AC system for the dogs? Finding good and responsible owners for them all. - RED

    True Red but the BEST thing that can be done (for long term results) is to make ALL pet owners have their animals spayed or neutered. We have got to get a handle on the pet population. If all owners have their animals fixed then these animals would not end up in the shelter to begin with.

    I have 4 dogs myself (2 rescued) and all are fixed. Including the 2 purebred dogs. I had each dog fixed as soon as it was possible because vets charge based on weight. At least mine does so the sooner the better. The pound even gave me a $25 certificate towards fixing the dogs.

    Since it would take quite awhile to see any results from mandatory spaying/neutering - the animals in the shelters now desperately need some A/C. Here in Clinton - volunteers frequently spray down the animals with the hose to help cool them off. Purchase the AC unit and take it to the shelter

  • proud-bleeding-heart Jun 6, 2008

    You can call or fax the shelter to see how you can help:
    ph: 919-212-7387 fax:919-743-4709

  • proud-bleeding-heart Jun 6, 2008

    This is shocking in this day and age. I will also contact someone to try and donate $~and yeah what about window units in the meantime? It must be terrible in there.

  • Ladybug008 Jun 6, 2008

    WRAL needs to follow up w/this story. How can we (the public) help??? How did this happen in our upscale, best place to live city??? Are we book smart & common sense dumb??? Or are we too cheap to help another living, breathing thing in the animal kingdom??? I am ashamed!!!!

  • St Ives Jun 6, 2008

    Spay and nuter..... meanwhile get a window unit for these poor animals, this is not fair some of these animals have not chance let then have some comfort

  • howdiditgettothis Jun 6, 2008

    I cannot believe in this day and age that Wake County has not spent money to update this facility.

    A window unit air conditioner is a minimal cost.

    Who should we send a check to for the purchase of one?

    Wake County should follow suit, along with Cary, and require that all animals be spayed and neutered. It would drastically reduce the number of abandoned animals.

    Use some of that lottery income to provide it at a low cost.