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Pensacola city manager to replace Baker in Durham

Posted June 2, 2008

— The Pensacola, Fla., city manager is expected to replace Durham's outgoing city manager, sources in Pensacola tell WRAL News.

Tom Bonfield, who was appointed to the city manager position in Florida in 1998, will replace Patrick Baker, who will take over this month as Durham's city attorney.

Bonfield, however, is not one of the three finalists for the post whom Mayor Bill Bell announced in April.

Bell had no comment Monday, but the City Council was expected to meet in the afternoon in a special closed session to discuss the city manager search.

According to the City of Pensacola's Web site, Bonfield has more than 25 years in local government administration, including city manager and financial administrative positions.

Baker, who became city manager in 2004, is taking the place of former city attorney Henry Blinder, who retired in January.


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  • MarcoPolo Jun 2, 2008

    I don't blame the other candidates from bailing. You have to be insane to even move to that town.

    Yep- that was an insider's deal. A candidate out of nowhere and no public input. Remember the show that they did for the police chief and this is a higher position than that. Things are "normal" in Durham. Taxes are going nowhere but up, up, up and up plus they got alot of EEOC suits to settle.

    I am raising funds for the fence. Any donations?

  • Durham-Raleigh Jun 2, 2008

    Ah, always good to see the crazy-Durham-squealers out and about.

    The other candidates didn't get cold feet, the Council decided to continue the search by looking at individuals who didn't want to be part of a public process because their current employers didn't know they were looking for new work. Which, you know, makes it good the Council looked beyond the first three.

    The cracks on getting shot in Durham are just flat out insulting to those of us who live here (by choice) and miraculously don't ever get shot and don't ever experience crime. But then again, it's more fun to be nasty, isn't it?

  • willis2 Jun 2, 2008

    Welcome to Durham, Mr. Bonfield. You might want to stop and introduce yourself to the mayor.

  • PaulRevere Jun 2, 2008

    Good, luck, sir. You will need it and then some.

  • OakRapp Jun 2, 2008

    "Bonfield, however, is not one of the three finalists for the post that Mayor Bill Bell announced in April."
    Bell's 1st 3 choices must have all gotten cold feet after visiting Durham. Hope Mr. Bonfield has skin borrowed from an Abrams tank and likes well-nigh impossible challenges.

  • TRivers Jun 2, 2008

    Good luck you're going to need it. Welcome to the City cesspool.

  • Go Georgia Tech Jun 2, 2008

    STOP!! Bonfield you have no idea what a mess your getting into. Durham is a disaster and whatever they offered you- ask for double! you will very quickly realize that Durham is no Pensacola- (once you are mugged and your home broke into).. turn around-! you still have time..

  • Pilot Jun 2, 2008

    Geeze must be nice if you can't do your job, to just quit and assume a new one. Continuity of Pension and all.