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Cary police nab suspects in string of thefts

Posted May 29, 2008

— Police have arrested two men they say might be linked to more than three dozen cases of breaking and entering, burglary and armed robbery in Cary over the past two months.

Charles Robert Douglass III, 23, of 2223 Waterford Forest Circle, and Roy Askey, 18, of 119 Kindred Way, face a combined total of 19 charges in connection with as many as 38 larceny and breaking and entering cases, including two burglaries and one armed robbery that have occurred in Cary since April 3.

The cases are separate, and police said the two men do not know each other.

Douglass was arrested May 20 after a series of vehicle break-ins and thefts near Howland Avenue. They also connected him to two home burglaries near High House and Maynard roads.

Askey was arrested May 22 while trying to use a stolen credit card at an ATM on Southwest Cary Parkway.

After questioning him, police discovered he had numerous credit cards and gift cards not in his name.

Investigators found Nintendo gaming systems, 14 GPS systems, money, wallets and camping gear among other items at his home that linked him to a number of vehicle larcenies as well as an armed robbery at the Handee Hugo's on Southwest Cary Parkway.

Douglass, who was in the Wake County Jail Thursday under a $25,000 bond, faces five counts of felonious breaking and entering motor vehicle and two counts of second-degree burglary

Askey, in jail under a $230,000 bond, faces 10 counts of felonious breaking and entering motor vehicle and one count each of armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


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  • Common Sense Man May 29, 2008

    "Locks are designed to keep honest people honest. Pro's will always get your stuff if they want it."

    Seriously? How many "pros" are out there breaking into cars? Thieves target newer cars that are unlocked and older cars that don't have alarm systems. I've taken hundreds of car B&E reports, I've never seen work from a pro.

  • Common Sense Man May 29, 2008

    "Don't even start with that c**p that somehow it's the fault of the people who left their car unlocked that they got robbed."

    I don't think anyone said that, but it's pretty stupid to leave your car unlocked.

  • IzzMad2016 May 29, 2008

    Whoever said there wasn't crime in Cary? Not me. Not anyone I know. We're not the elitist bunch the more narrow-minded and petty like to think. My car and my husbands were both pilfered a few months back...now we lock them...we'd do that no matter where we lived. Petty thieves are everywhere.

  • rumbleehockey04 May 29, 2008

    why do they always single out the white people? this is racist

  • mmania May 29, 2008

    OH MY crime in Cary, I thought that never happened.

  • Harley Girl May 29, 2008

    the 18 year old that is smiling has no idea what he has to look forward to in the population cell, they have probably by now wiped that smile off of his face.

  • Linxx May 29, 2008

    MikeD - lol yea. i can see that!

  • sneakysboy May 29, 2008

    I never lock my car, don't want them smashing my windows. Plus I need a new driver, that's why I display my sticks in the backseat.

  • YeaOh May 29, 2008

    tinman - tsk tsk tsk

  • Fishman May 29, 2008

    So, if this Askey guy is 18 yrs old and he is being charged with gun possession by a convicted felon why wasn't he in jail already since he is a convicted felon?