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Black bears on move in Wake, Durham counties

Posted May 25, 2008
Updated May 27, 2008

— Authorities are searching for two bears after at least nine reported sightings Sunday morning in north Raleigh and eastern Durham County.

Those reports came in between 8 and 11 a.m., said R.E. Padgett, with the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office received the initial calls about the bears, and Raleigh police also got calls about sightings.

Padgett said the most recent confirmed sighting of a bear by law enforcement was near the Brier Creek Memorial Gardens, 7600 ACC Boulevard. Residents reported seeing a bear running quickly behind the Wal-Mart store at 8231 Brier Creek Parkway.

Officials with the Wake sheriff's office said they found bear tracks along Mt. Herman and Norwood roads.

David DeVerter took several photos Sunday of a bear, that could weigh around 100 pounds, in his Harrington Grove neighborhood in north Raleigh.

The bear “just kinda looking around,” David DeVerter said.

It was the “first time I saw a bear that's not at the zoo,” Martin DeVerter said.

“It basically came down between our house and the next door neighbors (and) walked into the street, walked diagonally,” David DeVerter added.

Padgett said two bears were also spotted at Leesville, Olive Branch and Shady Grove roads in Durham County.

“Later we were able to determine by witnesses there was more than one (bear), and one was a baby cub,” Padgett added.

Law-enforcement officers said they believe the larger bear could weigh around 200 pounds.  Residents are urged to stay away from the animals.

“Let nature take its course, let them run through and go where they got to go and stay away from them,” Padgett said.

“I hope it gets to a nice, safe place,” David DeVerter said.

There have been no reports of damage from the bears.


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  • urbizn May 27, 2008

    .....they must be smarter than your av-ver-rage bear!

  • UNCalumnus May 26, 2008

    Maybe authorities can recruit the bears to hunt the king cobra from a week or so ago in Cumberland county.

  • slick rick da troll whisperer May 26, 2008

    i hope nothing happens to the bears and they're allowed to move on to wherever they're headed. they used to be more common in this area. they are very scared of people, and offensive attacks by bears against people are extremely rare. they have only been known to attack in defense if they or their cub are threatened. so, if one attacks ya, you probably deserve it.

    why is it that everytime wildlife is around, someone is very close by wanting it killed for whatever reason?

  • John Q Public May 26, 2008

    I'm glad they're here, maybe they can get rid of some deer.

  • ladyblue May 26, 2008

    I'm surprised none of the typical posters on golo haven't asked if the bears are "illegals"!

    We don't have to ask becasue we know black bear come from these neck of the woods so they are therefore legal. I hope that the bnears find some nice woods soon because once man gets his hand on them, they will be killed for the glory of it.........

  • nodoginthisfight May 26, 2008

    kristen-- have you ever had bear, it's tasty maybe a little gamey sometimes but with the right cooking techniques and the right spices yum yum. Seriously what do you think will happen when the law catches up with da' bears, bang bang and the meat goes to waste.

  • zanerx May 26, 2008

    I'm surprised none of the typical posters on golo haven't asked if the bears are "illegals"!

  • Kristen168 May 26, 2008

    You just had to say that didn't you, Nodoginthisfight. Always somebody negative out there, never fails.

  • nodoginthisfight May 26, 2008

    Get my rifle, get my traps gonna get me some bear meat and a bear rug for my great room.

  • Kristen168 May 26, 2008

    IT BREAKS MY HEART to see these animals trying to exist in areas that were forests that are being bulldozed as fast as you can say jack rabbit. I just hope some trigger happy person doesn't shoot them. They've never bothered anyone in the Raleigh-Durham area until we are taking their habitat away from them for some guys from Texas to make a lot of money building houses on every square inch of land in Wake County.