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Ex-trooper gets jail time for treatment of women

Posted May 20, 2008
Updated May 21, 2008

— Former North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Michael A. Steele will spend at least six years and 10 months in jail for making unwanted sexual advances on women during traffic stops.

Superior Court Judge R. Allen Baddour on Tuesday sentenced Steele to between six years and 10 months to eight years,10 months.

Steele pleaded guilty in April to 10 charges, including kidnapping, extortion and sexual battery. He faced a maximum sentence of nearly 36 years in prison.

“I think it’s appropriate for a case like this that the sentence was as stiff as it was,” said Alan Doorasamy, the victim’s attorney.

Steele resigned last September after three women complained that on separate occasions in August, the then-highway trooper forced them to get into his patrol car and then kissed, touched or fondled them. The women said he threatened to arrest them or notify immigration authorities if they didn't comply. All three women are Hispanic.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said Steele targeted women he thought were Hispanic and in the country illegally so they would not report him.

According to indictments, Steele allegedly threatened to turn another woman over to immigration authorities "with the intent wrongfully to obtain physical contact, through kissing and touching of her breasts."

Steele had been with the North Carolina Highway Patrol since April 2004 and patrolled in Orange County.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk May 21, 2008

    He go exactly what he deserved. I just wish they would gave him more time in prison. Anyway his job is gone and he will never get another one like it.

  • mas May 21, 2008

    now it is his turn to recieve unwanted sexual advances

  • shine May 21, 2008

    KevinUNC97, have you ever considered if your daughter or wife or girlfriend ( if you have any ) went somewhere and that happened to them how you would feel? There are a few laws that are written to protect that type of behavior...... let us think that it would never happen to someone that is a member in your family that you may change your opinion.

  • KevinUNC97 May 21, 2008

    Whit State Trooper does the same thing (but with American citizens) and he has the gall to ask for his job back. I am getting very tired of America, and it's obvious double-standards. I want everybody to check out this article about this white state trooper, and ask why no charges were ever brought up on him?: http://wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/2816523/
    Racism is still alive and well in America...BELIEVE IT.

  • KevinUNC97 May 21, 2008

    These women were ILLEGLA IMMIGRANTS! I'm sorry, but this case shouldn't have gone anywhere if the complaints were coming from people who shouldn't have been her ein the first place. What a farce this is...and he is going to jail for 9 years! That is absurd. I guess when you have a lynch mob after you, it doesn't matter who the victim is and even more..the lack of severity of the crime. He is a scumbag, but he should have just been fired and moved on. No wonder these illegals walk around like they own our country, after this case and the two border patrol officers...they can do no wrong. This whole situation disgusts me!

  • vbuchanan1969 May 21, 2008

    “I think it’s appropriate for a case like this that the sentence was as stiff as it was,” said Alan Doorasamy, the victim’s attorney.

    Is this really a stiff sentencing? I think he should have gotten the max! He was a person with the responsibility of protecting the public, not taking advantage of the public because he has a badge and a gun!! I say if you are a person, carrying this type of job, and you do something to hurt the people that you are supposed to be protecting, you deserve the max sentence!!!!!

  • 5-113 FA Retired May 21, 2008

    I feel so much safer knowing this career criminal is safely tucked away in the custody of the taxpayers. A few LEO's are sincere in their efforts to provide service and protection but there are the ones that prey on the weak and/or vulnerable to exploit whatever is needed to feed their ego.

  • WHEEL May 21, 2008

    It's about time. The Highway Patrol have been covering their tracks for too long with "INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS" helped by their buddies at SBI. Same man runs both outfits !!!

  • Big Tom May 21, 2008

    This incident is indicative of a pattern of behavior exhibited by the NCSHP by more than one employee. They (NCSHP) have failed to evolve as a professional modern day law enforcement agency. They are stuck in the old-school pattern of how things used to be. This is 2008; they cannot conduct business as if it was 1958. They could be elite but with the present mind set it will never happen.

  • RainierBeer May 20, 2008

    Good. Glad to see SOME justice in this world.