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Gov. wants disaster-relief funds for Onslow, Jones counties

Posted May 16, 2008

— Gov. Mike Easley requested Friday that tornado-damaged areas of Onslow County be declared disaster areas by the federal Small Business Administration.

Such a declaration for Onslow would also cover Jones County because the counties are contiguous.

easley made a similar request for Bertie County earlier in the week.

The designation would make residents and business owners eligible for low-interest loans to pay for repairs to buildings and property.

Property owners can apply for the loans starting Monday at the Maysville Town Hall, 404 Main St. The governor said those who apply for the loans but are denied will still get monetary assistance from the state.

A survey earlier in the week found that 26 uninsured properties in Onslow County were damaged in the storms.

In Bertie County, 30 uninsured homes had major damage.

Twelve people were injured in Bertie and Onslow counties during the storms, which spawned as many as 16 tornadoes in the eastern part of the state on Sunday.


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  • superman May 16, 2008

    Rebuild their house, buy them a new SUV, more gold jewelry and dont forget their cell phone. If you dont have insurance-- you should just tuff it out. The government does not owe you a replacment. No insurance-- your problem.

  • beachboater May 16, 2008

    Have you ever heard Easley speak when he didn't WANT something?

  • BULLDOZER May 16, 2008

    I would agree with the last post except for calling them stupid. I would call them ignorant. Why do we always talk about the damage and rebuild but never educate folks on how insurance can be bought. Certainly there is a government program out there to educate people on this. Most of these homes that were destroyed could easily have been insured for less than $50 per month. I bet there is $50 floating around in most people's homes.

  • icdiad May 16, 2008

    I fail to see why it is the responsiblity of the state to help someone rebuild if that person failed to put basic insurance on their dwelling. Yeah, mother nature can be harsh...but people can be down right stupid!