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28 animals seized from Moore County farm

Posted May 13, 2008

— Animal control officers seized nearly 30 animals deemed to be in poor health from a Moore County farm Tuesday, calling the case one of the worst they have seen.

Nineteen horses, seven cattle and two llamas were taken from the 71-acre Hilltop Stables at 2957 Cypress Church Road. The farm, owned by Billy Campbell, 50, of the same address, sits on the Moore-Harnett county line.

Veterinarians say many of the animals have worms, protruding ribs and rotting hooves and teeth and are lacking basic nutritional and veterinary care. They were taken to a farm in Vass to receive medical care.

“This is on a little bit larger scale than most of what we see,” said Dr. Jim Watson, a veterinarian and animal cruelty investigator for Moore County.

Authorities had also expected to find pigs and buffalo at the farm but said Campbell had apparently removed them from the property before they arrived.

He was arrested last week and charged with one count of animal cruelty. More charges are expected.

Al Carter, director of animal operations in Moore County, said in a written statement that his department has worked with Campbell for the past three years and that seizing the animals was "the last thing we wanted to do."

"In each instance, our short-term gains (were) eroded as soon as we leave," Carter said. “Mr. Campbell’s neglect, with regard to feeding and veterinary care, clearly amounts to animal cruelty."


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  • jjslilred May 14, 2008

    Max and Valentine Girl, while I agree that an animal should not have to suffer at all for an length of time, unfortunately the Animal Operations of Moore County and its officers have to follow the laws and statutes placed before them. I know each of these officers and the director personally and none of them would have stood for any neglect whatsoever. If you are dissatisfied with the job they do, don't degrade them. Instead, take action by contacting county and state officials that have the ability to change the laws that these officers dutifully enforce so that they can step in sooner to rescue these animals. I don't mean to be mean or fuss, but you don't know what agony each of them feels for all of the animals they see that receive this kind of treatment. If you did, you wouldn't criticize them.

  • MAX May 13, 2008

    Such a shame!! Investigating for 3 years!!! Glad it wasn't a person.
    I travel the road daily. Countless accidents (between cows and cars) have happened due to poor fencing on the property. Only within the last couple of weeks has new fencing been installed. Wonder why!!

  • Doctor Dataclerk May 13, 2008

    Send the llama to Pigeon Forge and let it become Dolly Llama.

  • Adelinthe May 13, 2008

    How shameful! Poor beasties...praying for them all.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Nina1 May 13, 2008

    Why do people own animals if they don't want to take care of them!? This is pitiful....I hope they can get them the vet care they need and owners who will feed them. Such a shame!

  • wolfpackfan15 May 13, 2008

    very bad, I can't believe that anyone would treat animals this way. unfortunately, it happens. at least they'll go somewhere where they'll be taken care of properly now. I hope that person gets some serious consequences for what they've done. I'm purely disgusted!

  • bobbyj May 13, 2008

    I hope the lamas were not from Talamore Golf Course.

  • Shadow213 May 13, 2008

    i guess when buffalo are that thin from starvation and neglect, they're pretty easy to hide!

  • valentine girl May 13, 2008

    One would think it would not take so long to make this kind of seizure. Those animals had to suffer an extra month of neglect and pain.

  • Rabid_Wolf_3 May 13, 2008

    How do you hide buffalo ?