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In fashion, going green is the new black

Posted May 7, 2008

— There's a new trend in fashion, and it's all about going green. More and more designers are creating fashion with the environment in mind.

“What kind of started out as more of like just produce, like organic produce, has extended to everything we put inside our bodies and on our bodies,” said Scott Brown with Whole Foods in Raleigh.

Designers are using non-toxic dyes and fabrics produced without the use of pesticides.

Cass Eaton of Whole Food's Whole Body store in Raleigh says there's a growing demand for the environmentally friendly duds.

"As you can see, the colors are very vibrant and they are all natural plant sources,” she said.

Organic fashion is stretching beyond T-shirts. Trendy jeans designer "7 for all mankind" now makes "organic denim" that sells for $161.

A green button and tag with the organic identification lets consumers know they are making a contribution to being eco-friendly, according to Travis Groome, a merchandising coordinator for Belk at Crabtree Valley Mall.

Eileen Fisher's casual wear is growing their green line, he said.

"Last season, 15 percent of Eileen Fisher’s line was organic. This season, they've expanded (to) 25 percent,” Groome said.

He predicts more and more fashion designers will be going green. JCPenney and Wal-Mart officials said they are stepping up efforts to bring in products and clothing made from organic materials.


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  • 1Rx4FN May 7, 2008

    I'll save the money to buy gas - that's organic.

  • wwyoud May 7, 2008

    Going green means much more than organic duds; most of that cotton is grown overseas, and just because it's grown organically doesn't mean it's processed in a green manner. By the time it's shipped here, the overall cradle-to-grave environmental cost equals or passes what a conventional product, grown and manufactured here, would cost. It's far more responsible to consider how far something travels, how reusable/recyclable it is after you're done with it, and how responsible the manufacturer is (to processing, environment, community and workers) than just looking for an unregulated label. Start small - buy produce locally - and gradually work up to clothing, appliances, etc. It can become a way of life if you let it, without becoming an expensive obsession, and it can benefit the local economy, green or not.

  • colliedave May 7, 2008

    Organic fashion is stretching beyond T-shirts. Trendy jeans designer "7 for all mankind" now makes "organic denim" that sells for $161.

    A fool and her money are soon parted. And I am sure al gets a cut of this somehow. He is making another fortune selling indulgences (aka, carbon credits)

  • Gooseye May 7, 2008

    This garbage should be hocked in Chapel Hill, where I'm sure plenty of Libs will scarf them up.

  • My5cents May 7, 2008

    and I think you smoke the jeans when they wear out.

  • My5cents May 7, 2008

    Hey Rocket. Think green. It's everywhere!

  • rocket May 7, 2008

    Come on, WRAL. Aren't they enough real stories to report on. The "go green" marketing gimmick gets played out enough in commercials and ads. Now I have to read it in the "news" too?

  • doodad May 7, 2008

    Cotton grown without pesticides? Where?

    Notice the TV advertisement from WAL-Mart with two teens in tight t-shirts made from recycled plastics. If everyone in America buys one, then most of the proceeds go to some eco project. Make them in the USA and I MIGHT think about buying one.

  • b-man May 7, 2008

    Way to go NCbred77. Have you ever heard of something so stupid?! Let me run out and but a dozen pairs. Then I wont have to worry about buying gas, or making sure Im buying organic food, because I will be broke!! But, I WILL be politically correct in my clothes!

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT May 7, 2008

    You Go, Girl! I'm glad there are some people willing to pad the pockets of the so-called "save the earth green people". What they do has a very minimal effect on this earth or our bodies. Is it worth spending many times more for food or other products? Definitely not! I would rather live a few years less, but enjoy every second on this earth. That's why I eat animals that roam the earth and seas, and veggies that grow in the earth. Animals are my friends and they provide me with much enjoyment.

    "Go Green" clothes! Give me a break! Are you people really serious? Do you honestly have plenty of money to waste on such non-sense? You could take an extra vacation each year for what you waste on "Go Green" junk. Not to mention all the steak, eggs, and bacon that money could buy. Ummm! Animal fat! Getting hungry just typing this.