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Suspect hit when Wake deputies fire shots

Posted April 30, 2008
Updated May 1, 2008

— Two Wake County sheriff's deputies were involved in a shooting in Garner Wednesday evening that sent a suspect to the hospital.

It happened just before 6 p.m. at the InTown Suites at 1491 U.S. Highway 70 West. The deputies were attempting to serve a warrant on a man they had identified as a passenger in a car.

“We had an arrest warrant for a suspect that was involved in some drug transactions,” Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.

The deputies, who are with the sheriff's drug unit, followed the vehicle into the InTown Suites parking lot. When officers attempted to serve the warrant, Harrison said, a shooting erupted.

“We had him in a vehicle at the motel. We attempted to serve the warrant. That’s when the action happened and the shooting involved,” Harrison said.

The sheriff has not yet said whether the men inside the car pulled a gun on the officers or how many shots were fired. Harrison withheld the names of those involved Wednesday evening.

The suspect named in the warrant suffered a gunshot wound. He was transported to WakeMed with non-life-threatening injures. The other two men in the car were taken into custody.

People staying at the hotel were taken by surprise.

“I just heard a pop. I didn't know what was going on,” hotel resident Heather Bartch said.

“I saw the police, SWAT team (and a) helicopter above. I didn't have any clue what was going on,” hotel resident Cressom Brown said.

The State Bureau of Investigation was reviewing the shooting, which is standard procedure when officers shoot someone. Harrison said the deputies will be placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the SBI investigation.


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  • m9998 May 1, 2008

    Most of the people staying at intown suites aren't transients, drug users, or drug dealers. Alot of people are there because there in the area for work, just moving to area, waiting for homes, or apartments to come available.It's crazy to stay or think all folks there are drug users.. There have been drug raids in North Raleigh, Cary, and all over wake county. During a drug raid in North Raleigh the wake co sheriff swat team shot and Killed a man.. Donnie Harrison is the best sheriff in NC!!! None of the three men arrested were registered or staying at intown suites. While the Deputies were following the suspects the turned into the parking lot. there are good and bad people no matter were you go. So to judge everyone and put labels on them is a little bit much..

  • Smiling May 1, 2008

    Most of the people that stay there are what I call "transients" for lack of a better word.....some former tenants of mine live there......they are former tenants due to their drug activity on my property...never again though! This place is sad, the house behind it is a nice house, in a great community, however I think no one wants to live there once they find out what it is sharing a backyard with. It is a shame.

  • Obscurite May 1, 2008

    "Suspect hit when Wake deputies fire shots"

    thought the title was funny...isn't that what is supposed to happen when a deputy fires a gun?

  • ncguy May 1, 2008

    The sherrifs need some gun training. The perps should have been 6 feet under by now

  • Blue Shirt May 1, 2008

    Hindsight is always 20 20; just like those who criticize Coaches when their team loses; cops and Correctional Officers have tough jobs and risk their lives.

  • Smiling May 1, 2008

    This is not such a "nice" hotel.....it is a breeding ground for trouble, this is not the first time something of this nature has happened......drugs are running right out of the windows and doors of this place 24/7.......Harrison needs to investigate this entire property......find out who is LIVING there......

  • chfdcpt May 1, 2008

    On a lighter note, no one has said it yet, so I will...did the deputy have to shoot him? Could he have used less force to arrest them?

    But seriously, if you don't point a gun at a police officer, you do not get shot. It is that simple. However, the reason that the SBI gets called in to investigate all officer relates shootings is so that it is done by an independant investigative service. The same way that when an officer is involved in a car accident on duty it is investigated by the HP. When you have a separate agency investigate, it drops the claim that the agency involved is covering up.

    And like all active cases, agencies do not give details of ongoing investigations.

    I am glad the deputies were not hurt.

  • wcnc May 1, 2008

    "The unwillingness to provide simple detail makes me feel like something is wrong."

    Didn't you read the story?? The SBI is doing an investigation of what happened.....WHy would they or the Sheriff's Office release details of an ongoing investigation?? That makes NO sense!! So, not hearing details means they are doing things correctly. But the public doesn't realize that's how things work, so they make wrong assuptions.

  • AM is Back to Being Immaculate May 1, 2008

    There is too much missing from this story. Why were the passengers taken into custody? What "action" happened? Did he have a gun or not? The unwillingness to provide simple detail makes me feel like something is wrong.

  • clintoflannagan May 1, 2008

    I'm shocked to hear that something like this would take place in the parking lot of such a nice hotel.