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'Ghost Bike' Marks Spot Where Raleigh Bicyclist Hit

Posted April 28, 2008

— A memorial known as a "ghost bike" now marks the spot where a Raleigh woman was struck by a vehicle last week.

Nancy Antoine Leidy, 60, died April 23, hours after she was struck by a pickup truck, driven by Brian Anthony Reid, near the intersection of Nazareth Street and Crusader Drive.

Ghost bikes are painted white and placed at sites across the United States where a bicyclist has been hit or killed by a driver to remind motorists to share the road.

Reid, 21, faces one count each of felony death by motor vehicle, driving while impaired, felony assault by motor vehicle and failure to reduce speed.

Police said he had been celebrating his 21st birthday at the time of the crash.


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  • tiredofgovtwaste Apr 29, 2008

    jautrey_dont_copy - In God's eye, sin is sin and when asked He will forgive. Also, maybe you need a dictionary to define the words you are using. Its sad that not everyone is as perfect as you pretend to be

  • fbguru Apr 29, 2008

    tiredofgovtwaste: If I could choose, I'd rather be conversing with St. Peter guilty of calling someone names than I would having killed someone because I was drunk...A RESOUNDING DITTO! Again, anyone who drinks and drives is STUPID!!! If my 21 yr old goes out and drinks and drives, he's STUPID. And to take someone's life doing such, is murder, plain and simple! I'll gladly defend my statements when I get to the pearly gates.

  • Rob E. Apr 29, 2008

    The ban on roadside memorials seems to affect "highways" and mentions that they are areas not safe for pedestrians, which leads me to believe that it refers to limited access roads and does not apply to this situation.
    I like the idea of the ghost bike. It doesn't, I wouldn't think, serve as a memorial to friends and family. As has been mentioned, there are more appropriate places for that. It does serve as a reminder to drivers that there are cyclists on the road and there can be dire consequences to forgetting that or not giving them their due space. And it can remind cyclists of how fragile they are, especially in a confrontation with a motor vehicle, and it can inspire them to adopt or maintain safe practices. It's a somber, fitting and, I think, tactful memorial that can remind us all to be a little more careful. If we didn't need the reminders, we wouldn't be seeing the ghost bikes.

  • hkypky Apr 29, 2008

    tiredofgovtwaste: If I could choose, I'd rather be conversing with St. Peter guilty of calling someone names than I would having killed someone because I was drunk.

  • tiredofgovtwaste Apr 29, 2008

    "it's unfortunate that a stupid 21 yr old had to take her life because the only way he could think to celebrate his b-day was to get drunk" jautrey_dont_copy

    As a faceless, hide-behind a screen name but head, its easy to critize someone and call them names. I hope that if and when you reach the gates of heaven that you can explain your stupid comments to St. Peter and to the Father so that they will have enough compassion to let you in. But then again, you have or never will know what real compassion is as you have never made a judgement error or bad decison on the spot. May our Father have both families close to Him and give them strength to face each day and to seek Him and His Love, Compassion, and Guidance.

  • Joe Blow Apr 29, 2008

    Z Man - I agree that it would be difficult to determine ones inattentiveness. If other states have implemented the law than I don't see why it's out of the question for NC... I believe sooner or later it will be against the law.

    I'm glad you were able to make it past the one letter out of place. JO

  • PikeMom4real Apr 29, 2008

    I hope this ghost bike will not become a distractuiion,and someone else gets killed.I just roadside memorial should be banned in NC.They stay up way too long.Even years!Folks it's not where the deceased person is!!!! Place memorials where they are suppose to go.

  • tiredofgovtwaste Apr 29, 2008

    "Whoa. This is why cyclists get killed. There are way too many ignorant rednecks driving in their pickup trucks whom don't pay attention to their surroundings." uncgrad07

    I wonder who is being ignorant here? Just because you drive a pickup does not make you any less of a person but then again you did go to unc. Its easy to call people names and talk bad about them when they are down, but just remember, you may some day have to eat those cruel and harsh words and then lets see what kind of taste they leave. While i would not wish this on anyone, it can happen to you and although the circumstances may change some, it still leaves bad memories

  • Shadow213 Apr 29, 2008

    first of all: why was this guy driving after celebrating his 21st!? the best part about celebrating that birthday is that your NEVER obligated to be the DD as friends are more than willing to drive you aruond town to watch you get smashed. secondly: the memorial is a little creepy. and probably will end up in a frat house soon. but i DO think drivers should be more careful on the road in regards to bikers. i'm surprised how little respect some drivers have! i do wish our roads were more biker-friendly.

  • TechRescue Apr 29, 2008

    Thanks, uncgrad, for setting the other Tar Heel fan straight - renews my faith that you can actually graduate from Chapel Hill without your head up your posterior.

    "Real Deal", you should read the law. Bicycles are a viable, legal, and admirable alternate form of transportation. Just as tractor-trailer drivers are not allowed to have cars banned, neither are you allowed to claim the roadway as your private domain. Get over yourself.