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School Bus Crashes in Cary

Posted April 25, 2008

— Emergency crews responded to a crash involving a Wake County Public school bus on southbound U.S. 1 at Tryon Road Friday morning.

Three children were on the bus. No one was injured.

Authorities said a Ford Escape rear-ended the bus, which was traveling 45 mph at the time. No one will be cited, officials said.


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  • rawneus Apr 25, 2008


    If you think speed limits exist for safety you're a fool. They are purely a revenue source. Study after study confirms that the majority of people will drive at the speed they deem safe and reasonable for the road they are traveling. Rogue daredevil speeders and inexperience aside, most people (including you, most likely) aren't staring at their speedometers when they drive, they are driving at a speed they feel comfortable with. A sign won't change that.

    That being said, American speed limits are set arbitrarily low so most people drive at least 5 to 10 mph over the limit. Set the limits higher and more people would follow them. You honestly think 85 on an interstate is unsafe?

    Speed limits exist and are set low to create revenue. If you look at the economy, a poor economy produces more traffic tickets. The inverse, however, is not true. This same principle applies to intersection red light cameras. They are not in response to safety but purely financial.

  • RonnieR Apr 25, 2008

    Avidreader, back when I was working and did a crash investigation, if there was only property damage and all parties were insured,
    no dui/dwi or any other serious violation, I didn't cite anyone.

    Why, you might ask. It meant that I would have to go to court,
    only to see the ADA look at the letter from the insurance company and nol pross the citation, so why bother.

    When Congresscritter Hienamen was Raleigh COP, between his stint
    at NYPD and the House, he made that policy for RPD, too. I was just a few years quicker than he was figuring it out and, no, I wasn't with RPD.

  • ccgori Apr 25, 2008

    you people in here who are blaming others for your bad driving are ridiculous. PEOPLE IN A HURRY are the ones that cause accidents. And I'll be the first person to admit I'm in a hurry sometime. But it's the people who are pointing fingers in the other direction who cause the accidents because they are the ones that think the world revolves around them.

  • RonnieR Apr 25, 2008

    If'n I don't make any mistake, the speed guvnators were taken off school buses late last centuty when the State fired the student drivers and hired adults, at least, age wise.

  • avidreader Apr 25, 2008

    How was there a rear end accident and no one was charged?

  • fkhaywood Apr 25, 2008

    If you want to know why someone doesn't see a big yellow bus up ahead in time to slow down during rush hour, put down your newspaper, novel, and quit putting on your mascara and make-up while driving. I've seen all of the above being done while driving around Raleigh.

  • SaveEnergyMan Apr 25, 2008

    dhamma, no. slow traffic doesn't cause idiots to do stupid things. Their impatience and stupidity does.

    to everyone: Speed limits and other traffic laws exist for one reason - to protect us from each other and ourselves. No, you don't have to like them or even agree with them. But if you think you don't have to follow them, then why should anybody? Then think of the mess we would be in as everyone does their own thing. I can't understand why anyone thinks they are special and above the law. I suppose it's the me, me, me that we as a society have come to expect. Freedom requires resposibility. Want to be treated like an adult, then act like one.

  • Myrrdin Apr 25, 2008

    And people would still complain if the buses had the governor (I'm not talking about Sleasley)changed to 55 or 65, because they still would be going too slow.

  • silvfx Apr 25, 2008

    going 45MPH on a highway is unsafe regardless of what the other drivers are doing. I have observed school buses in other states driving with the flow of the traffic with no problems.

  • Brick CIty Girl Apr 25, 2008

    I think Stephen brought out the important issue here. If we would do the obvious and send children to the school closest to home, we would not have to send the school buses out on the highway.